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Jennifer Aniston May Be Next In Line For PETA Fur Attack

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Actress Jennifer Aniston stopped by the Edwards-Lowell fur boutique in Beverly Hills yesterday — prompting speculation that the former Friends star may be picking out some new animal skins for the winter.

We obviously all know what might come next should Jen decide to walk that road: a harshly written letter from PETA and some not-so-flattering press. How could there be any appeal in shopping in places like a fur boutique these days?

We know that Aniston loves animals — she had two dogs of her own — so here’s to hoping that someone informs her of the cruelty associated with the fur trade and the detriments of supporting it.

via JustJared

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  • Mannywrd

    There is no such animal called pro-life. You can’t be dropping tons of bombs on kids far away and be pro-life. The pro-life in America is a political notion. Opposit tactics among the political parties grab hold of a realistic concept as selling feature. One who kills wild animals is a sick blood thirsty sob. We managed thru our history to destroy the buffalo..why? Why hunt and kill so few left?

  • Jana

    God, I really hope you don’t have any pets because you sound like a heartless creature. Have you ever watched how these animals are being tortured and eventually massacred for their skin? Would you like to take their places? I don’t know why you think your life is more valuable than an animal’s life.These animals have feelings too, apparently more than you do. It’s the 21st century, there is NO NEED AT ALL to wear real fur today. It’s just what heartless, selfish and vain people do who don’t know how to spend their money.

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