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I almost forgot about today’s giveaway! Saturdays have a way of making you lose track. Thank God.

Lucky for you, I spotted Ed Begley Jr. on television this afternoon (while watching a little Living With Ed) and a CFL went on above my head! Today’s giveaway is four autographed copies of Ed Begley Jr.’s new book Living Like Ed. That’s right, your chances of winning have just been quadrupled!

Now honestly, you could probably build a house with the amount of ‘green tip’ books out there — but Living Like Ed is one of the rare ‘how-tos’ from someone that’s actually tried all of them! This is some real, humorous, honest advice for taking that next big green leap. Here’s a bit from the site,

“Now, as more and more of us are looking for ways to reduce our impact on the planet and live a better, greener life, Ed shares his experiences on what works, what doesn’t – and what will save you money! From recycling more materials than you ever thought possible to composting without raising a stink to buying an electric car, Living Like Ed is packed with ideas – from obvious to ingenious – that will help you live green, live responsibly, live, well, Like Ed.”

Don’t forget to also check out Ed’s green discussion site called Fixing The Planet.

Want a book? Leave a comment shedding adoration on Ed! Maybe he’ll even stop by to say hello. Four people will be chosen at random to receive the books. Complete rules and giveaway details are available here.

Don’t forget! We’re still accepting entries for cameo lamp and ecoSkin Pearl Top!

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    ED!!! You are awesome. You aren’t afraid to tell us what to do or how to make changes. Most of us ingorant folk NEED an ED in our life to see to it we aren’t stomping out the entire planet with our eco-footprint.

    And I’m thrilled that Greentv is new on our cable and I just wish Living with Ed was on more often. (Oh, and your wife is such a fashion plate!)

    Thanks for helping us, Ed!

  • Rebekah C

    I’m a bad girl and haven’t not been diligent about being environmentally friendly in as many ways I can could be. I’d love to read Ed’s book to see what he has to say about being green and helping out Mother Earth.

  • Shawn Kelly

    We love Ed at my house…..Thanks Ed.

  • hil

    Ed rocks! I love all of his tips, and he’s really funny:)

  • Trish

    I love Ed! My favorite Ed-vention is the exercise bike generator. I would love to read this book and then pass it onto someone when I am done.

  • mook han kim

    Let me give a chance to know ED better!

  • Susan

    Ed Begley, Jr is my green living inspiration. Whenever faced with extra stuff of any kind, I always think “WWED” – What Would Ed Do? I think about some of the Living with Ed episodes when he sets appliances out and marks them as ‘free’ or when he is going to repurpose some old rugs. I have managed to give away so much stuff just to keep it out of the landfill. Thank you, Ed – you’re the best!

  • Kai

    In Estonia almost EVERYTHING can be recycled- my mom barely has any actual “trash”. I think the US needs to take a step up. I’d love to get my hands on this book and read Ed’s ideas.

  • Suzy

    What a great prize! We LOVE Ed Begley, Jr. and his wonderful contribution to the ‘Green Scene’! My husband is so envious of his energy-generating bike (“I’m makin’ toast!”) and we have our eye on a solar oven, thanks to Ed’s adventurous experiments! We can always do more but sometimes wonder how or what might be the best way, so Ed’s personal experience is an invaluable resource. Thanks, Ed!!!

  • Susie

    I would love this book. Not a newbie to gren ways but I love Ed and any more ideas would only help me help green up my home and this planet. We need more ED’s !!!!

  • Rachelle

    Ed is my green superhereo…and he makes it look really easy. The man lives what he believes and is a huge inspiration to me. I never miss his show…First when it aired on HGTV and now that it’s on Planet Green. Plus his lovely wife and foil has my name. LOL!

  • jamie lynn

    well, i almost feel selfish now, leaving a comment after i’ve already won something *looks sheepish*. but honestly, i don’t have cable tv (i know, shockhorror!) and i’ve never gotten to see his show, and you guys blog about him all the time, but i don’t really have a feel for the guy. he SOUNDS awesome, but i have no first-hand reference for this assumption. perhaps if it had a BOOK…

  • Joleen

    what i like about ed is that he presents the eco-conscious life-style in a simple, down to earth way. he’s not trying to impress us with himself. he wants to genuinely teach people.

  • Sharon

    I love to watch Ed’s show on Planet Green. It seems that part of the show revolves around Ed being the extreme, and his wife, normal. And in my house, it’s the opposite, my husband sees green from Rachelle’s vantage point, and I think Ed is right on!
    I would love to learn more about what Ed does to green his life, so I can make our home greener, too!


  • cara

    i keep hearing about ed but i have yet to see him on tv (i am too busy greening my home!!) i would love to read about what he is doing though!

  • Robert Loy

    We love “Living With Ed” and it inspired us to get a Prius.

  • Stephanie

    Ed is my hero! I love watching his show and learning from him!

  • Krista

    Ed is my hero.

  • Jennae @ Green Your Decor

    Ed and his wife are definitely two of my eco heroes! They have a way of presenting information about going green that is not only helpful, but also incredibly down-to-Earth and funny. I can only imagine his book will be just as enjoyable to read as his show is to watch.

  • Sara

    I loved watching Ed on his bicycle toasting his bread. He is inspiring.

  • Liz

    Ed was AMAAAAAZING in Pineapple Express. His role could have pushed the movie over the edge into utter ridiculousness, but he played it so perfectly – so seriously – that it raised the movie to a new level. That he’s such a cool person in real life is amazing.

  • Oliver

    ed you rule man…a great inspiration! i wish you were my uncle lol

  • erin

    i have loved and admired ed for years on end. his son was friend’s with my brother too. what an eco hero for sure.

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  • shannon

    ED for PREZ! hehehe…as much good as someone would want to do, I don’t know who would want that job. But I digress…I’d love a copy of the book! Always looking for the path to eco-righteousness! I FINALLY just got my friends to recycle all their plastic bottles (they used to just throw them away!!)

  • Thursday

    I’ve gotten to the point where whenever my husband thinks I’ve gone a little too green, I just park him in front of “Living with Ed.” It’s great!

  • Karin A

    Ed is definitely an interesting character.

  • Cheryl Free

    I admire Ed Begley and his greenness :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  • Judith G.

    Ed is wonderful. Thanks for being both so “green” and so fun!

  • Debbie

    I love Ed and his show. Thanks for the chance to win his book.

  • Johann

    I’m a green dog and could learn a lot from Ed and his book! He rawks! Woofs, Johann

  • Thea Rose

    Ed is great

  • Amber

    Ed Rocks!

  • Julia

    I love his genuine interest for the environment and better living, and appreciate his efforts to help others realize it too.

  • kisah jackson

    ed was one of the first hollywood stars to “wake up” and realize the harm we’re doing to our planet. he definitely practices what he preaches….

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  • Michelle Rosborough

    I love Ed !!!!

  • Jackie Dishner

    I love Ed and his show. Would love to win the book and learn new ways to go green.

    Thanks for the offer!

  • Julie M

    OMG I have watched Ed’s show a few times and I am in awe of his ability to be sooo green. If I could be half as good at it as he is I would be a happy girl. I think this book might be just to the way to start.

  • Chi

    Ed, Thank you for giving such a great public face to the green movement :)

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  • Lisa

    I love Ed! I’m really excited to read his book, it’s awesome how he’s getting the word out to those who otherwise wouldn’t pay attention.

  • Kristen

    my hubby would love this! (me too of course) we tivo Living with Ed and watch it every week :)