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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi got hitched this weekend and may we be the first (okay, so probably not really the first) to say CONGRATA-FRIGIN-LATIONS!!

Progressive in everyway, not only did the happy couple help make Hollywood history, but they also represented for all the vegetarians and vegans out there. We weren’t invited, but apparently “after exchanging rings by Neil Lane, the couple and their guests, enjoyed an all-vegan meal prepared by their personal chef David Silberkleit. Sweet Lady Jane created a vegan red velvet cake for the celebration.” HELLS YEAH!!

Here at Ecorazzi we know how much Ellen loves animals, and even though she isn’t a vegetarian quite yet, she certainly supports vegetarian ideas and we think that’s just great.

If you’re like me and can’t wait to grow up and have a vegan wedding all of your own, visit and read some stories from the sixth annual vegan wedding feature. Big thanks to Ellen and Portia for setting a wonderful example. We salute you!


  • jamie lynn

    YAY! maybe there is hope for this country after all…

  • VeggieTart

    It’s a win for gays and lesbians and a win for the animals. Thank you, Ellen and Portia. You have a world of support if either or both of you decides to go vegan. And I hope you do.

  • parrish

    Totally! Just think about how all the gay and lesbian animals feel. They’re like doubly represented.

  • erin

    lol Parrish. Seriously these two women are like the coolest ever. I still think it was silly back when they had all that hype about them and the rescue dog… In my eyes I swear these two could do no wrong. What beautiful lesbians!

  • Dawn

    This is awesome. I remember when Ellen used to be vegetarian years ago.

  • Tony

    The country is not just sliding into a moral oblivion, we are rolling into a downfall. As Rome went, so shall we.

  • Jordi

    It is sad that gay people think that they are normal. They need help. Please do not destroy mankind.

  • VeggieTart

    Jordi, define “normal”. And if you feel threatened by the happiness of other couples, that says a lot more about you than it does about them.

  • michael

    “The country is not just sliding into a moral oblivion, we are rolling into a downfall. As Rome went, so shall we.”

    Yea, but it won’t be because of people who are attracted to others of the same sex. Who cares who falls in love with who? It will be because of arrogant, ego-thumping ass-backwards politicians in Washington and the ignorant fools who vote for them.

  • sta

    well..i am happy for seems now that people are really free to express their feelings and act accordingly..its only LOVE that counts..two people are in love and they are sharing it with each other. god bless them!!

  • sta

    hope they will have a long and lasting life

  • Jordi

    Normal in this field is to act according to human nature. Gay love is contrary to human nature. If we were all gay, mankind would die. I do not feel threatened by the happiness of anybody, I only say that this is contrary to human nature and bad for mankind. This is the true which hurts somebody but it is the true.

  • michael

    Jordi, don’t think we have to worry about reproduction issues. The human population is skyrocketing and we’re quickly outstripping our resources as a result. Poor argument.

  • The Science Commenter

    Sometimes reactions happen as a result of other things that are out of wack or unbalanced. In non human animals, homosexuality occurs when the animals are overpopulated.

    Maybe all stupid people should stop procreating their ugly nuisance selves and the homosexuality will disappear.

    Or at least I won’t have to put up with them.

  • jamie lynn

    jordi is right! we should all be procreating more. i feel ashamed that i’m not saddled with six kids and a welfare check by now. and i’m nearly 30! shit. i better get on the ball. only so many more prime baby-making years left. hope there’s enough resources left for all my offspring once everyone goes straight…

  • cutepup

    I’m not a Lesbian but I see the beauty of love, togetherness and existence in these two beautiful women. They love each other and they have just as much right as I and my husband do to be legally married. In the eyes of God we are all his children. I pray to you Lord Jesus Christ bless these beautiful couple now and forever. God exists in every person and he exists in gays and lesbians too. God is love God is great!

  • cutepup

    If we are all gays we can still reproduce through insemination and IVF. I’m not gay, never been gay and will never be gay because I’m not sexually attracted to women but I don’t reproduce unless I go through IVF. Not all straight people can reproduce.

  • cutepup

    To you it is normal to think that being gay is abnormal. To me ‘normal’ people are those who have the strength and ability to accept people the way they are and to respect each person’s belief.
    Jesus love you!

  • cutepup

    Jmie Lynn, cheers to your post and way to to!.

  • Dalena

    That is a good idea a vegetarian wedding

  • Megan

    I’m in PR.Adv. but this is sick! Capitalizing on a gay/lesbian wedding to pimp a lifestyloe is sick, sick, sick. I’m canceling my subscription. Gag me.

  • Alicia

    Her wedding was not totally vegan since she ordered lots of pepperoni cheese and eggplant pizzas. At least most of the wedding was vegan.

  • Kelly

    I didn’t know about the pizza.:( It is cool that most of the food was vegan. Better than nothing.I have to say I am surprised most of it was vegan. I wouldn’t have guessed in a millions years.

  • Reuben

    Ellen may “love” animals but she consistently appears in ads that exploit them. That is certainly not consistent with any vegan ideas!

  • Tricia

    Ellen degeneris is not married.

  • Alice Winfree Bowron

    Ellen has been heroic in fighting for civil rights for LGBT people and against racism and for so many crucial things in life. Portia has struggled to achieve her authentic self and sexuality. Together they are stronger and happier then they were before they were together. They are most certainly married in within the Power of Love and Light. Ellen and her Portia deserve the dignity and happiness of their marriage. Only those choosing small-mindedness and petty bigotry are in denial about that. Such cruel denial exists within people who are miserable themselves and want to project their own misery and self-hatred onto others. Their numbers will continue to dwindle – Love knows no gender!

  • Kim

    “Here at Ecorazzi we know how much Ellen loves animals, and even though she isn’t a vegetarian quite yet, she certainly supports vegetarian ideas and we think that’s just great.”

    I’m pretty sure Ellen is vegan. When she had the “skinny bitches” on she commented on how that book changed her life and just last week she said how she had given up eating all animal products. It was the episode when Dr. Neal Barnard was on touting a healthier vegan lifestyle. Anyway, whether it’s true or not…I love Ellen and I’m happy for all the positive things happening in her life!

  • michael

    Kim — At the time of this article, Ellen was not yet a Vegan. She committed to the lifestyle a few weeks later.