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Earlier this summer Ecorazzi got super hyped when we received our press pass for the Animal Rights 2008 National Conference, which took place this past weekend in Washington D.C. The plan was for me to attend the event, possibly chat with Heather Mills, and bring you back all the hottest green gossip from the festivities. However, a last minute emergency back home in Florida kept me from attending and so, while I can’t bring you anything exclusive, I do have some fresh off the stove AR2008/Heather Mills news. And we all know how much our readers LOVE Heather Mills news!

Last weekend the former model and controversial vegan was honored by the folks at FARM (Farm Animals Rights Movement) and in return made a huge $50,000 donation to the group. Mills also took the opportunity to talk about how being vegan is basically the most awesome thing ever and announced plans to launch her own brand of vegan food. Wait…don’t get too excited! If you’re a regular reader you might remember my rather disappointing Mills concoction at the Farm Sanctuary Gala earlier in the year. Hospital food say what? Even so, Mills plans to launch her own vegan range in October and open a chain of vegan restaurants in the near future.

FARM is a public-interest organization promoting vegan, plant-based diets to save animals, protect the environment, and improve health. They are one of my all time favorite groups and have been responsible for a bazillion successful grassroots campaigns. To find out why I have a crush on FARM, visit


  • shannon

    “And we all know how much our readers LOVE Heather Mills news!”

    i have a marginal amount of respect for her thanks to her charitable/veg activism and such, but i personally never really could stand the woman.

  • D

    Actually, the donation is to be shared equally between FARM and Sea Shepherd.

  • greggy

    Good Lord … Sea Shepherd? now the woman is funding people who sink ships? My respect for her plummets further.

    Parrish — doesn’t a $50,000 donation to a group giving you an award amount to, well …. BUYING the award? I don’t know why people should be comfortable with this.

  • michael

    “Good Lord … Sea Shepherd? now the woman is funding people who sink ships? My respect for her plummets further.”

    Bit of a generalization there, don’t you think? Sea Shepherd is not a group that “sinks ships”. They are committed to eradicating pirate whaling, poaching, shark finning, unlawful habitat destruction, and violations of established laws in the World’s oceans.

    If they’re not out there policing the situation, who will?

  • Tracy

    She donated the money during the dinner. She would have received the award regardless.

  • greggy

    “Sea Shepherd is not a group that ‘sinks ships’.

    Um … wrong-o. They ram and sink ships. They may do other things too, but that doesn’t excuse it.

    “She donated the money during the dinner. She would have received the award regardless.”

    Um … I’m not that stupid, and I doubt you are either. Groups set those things up ahead of time for maximum PR effect. PETA did it with Bill Maher and James Cromwell. PCRM did it with Alicia Silverstone. It still amounts to buying an accolade. If Leonardo DiCaprio wrote a $1 million dollar check to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences while he was on stage accepting his Oscar, don’t you think people would start to suspect the voting was rigged?

  • VeggieTart

    Whether or not she bought the award, and whatever you may think of her, FARM now has an extra $50K to continue its work.

    Even if she did write the check during dinner, she probably said, hey, I’m going to write you a big fat check, and they said, well, we’re going to give you a reward.

    I’m grateful to read that unlike the Linda McCartney frozen dinners, Heather Mills will have vegan options.

  • erin

    Wow does this woman raise some controversy. I have to do some extensive research on Sea Sheperd before I comment on them. I still can’t stand her, but admit I can be influenced if people are nice to me (as she was to our dear poster) Hell I met George Bush Sr years ago and it took me a long while to see the light (or the evil in his case!) because he was just so darn nice!

  • jamie

    Heather who? A self-promoter if ever there was one.

  • Jake

    Heather is awesome. And yes, i believe Sea Shepherd have sunk ships, but so what? They don’t do it for fun, they do it to save lives. Those ships that are sunk belong to tyrants with no respect for the planet and the creatures that live here. They will not listen to reason and are only interested in money. Take out those ships, take out the threat to sea life. It’s no different to what activists did hundreds of years ago when they destroyed equipment that kept black people enslaved. You know, the people we now call “courageous”.

  • Lizzy

    It was Paul McCartney’s money not hers.
    Very easy to donate money that you did
    not earn.

  • Dalena

    She is doing a good deed by donating money I would definately go for that

  • Susan

    If she didn’t “buy” the award can anyone explain how she got it when one of the criteria for it is that you have to have had 10 years of animal activism? Heather Mills never cared about any animal until she was with Paul McCartney and he introduced her to the subject. And what does her giving the pledge at the dinner have to do with her not buying the award? These things are prearranged all the time. Her donation was part of the deal to get the award she clearly didn’t qualify for. Anyone see Linda or Paul McCartney on this awards list who brought animal rights to the eyes of the world? How about Chrissie Hynde? Where are the people that were the forefathers? I guess they didn’t buy any awards.

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