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Apparently winning the Tour de France seven times isn’t quite enough of an accomplishment for some people. It’s been revealed that in July, Lance Armstrong used 330,000 gallons of water at his home in Texas. That, according to The New York Times, is a shocking 38 times the amount a single household consumes during one summer.

Couple that with the dry spell Texas has been experiencing this season, and the amount is more than cringe worthy.

But as with every story, there’s always another side of the tale. Lance has been spending the majority of the summer between Colorado and California, and was reportedly unaware of his water usage. He’s been quoted as saying, “I’m a little shocked … There’s no justification for that much water.” Also adding, “I need to fix this.”

Yes, Lance, you most certainly do. Especially with more information being brought forward showing that since January of 2007, his home has used 158,000 gallons a month on average, having only recently shot up to take him to the head of the pack. But this time, the race he’s winning is for the title of “water-glutton”. Hopefully all this public attention on his high water usage will encourage Lance to cut back, and perhaps he can even inspire other celebs to do the same.

via: Green Daily

  • VeggieTart

    Yes, it’s appalling how much water Armstrong uses, but that’s probably a drop in the bucket compared to the meat, dairy, and egg industries.

  • erin

    I know everyone is gonna hate me for this but I now and never have been able to stand this arrogant f&ck. he pushes using drugs to fight cancer, he appears full of himself in everything I see about him (and read about him in what his ex’s say but that’s to be expected) I think he’s a loser.