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What do you get when you combine Geoff Rowley, one of the best skateboarders in the world, and Vans? Some really freaking awesome shoes, that’s what! Add into the mix that Geoff is a vegan and has designed the shoes without leather or any animal products whatsoever, and even non-skaters might want to rush the stores for these bad boys.

Now, by no means am I, personally, a skater. I’ve tried, fallen, been laughed at for flailing around so much – I thought it was pretty comical, too – and am happily content to watch those gifted with coordination and skill from somewhere safe. Preferably sitting down, which is much safer for me.

But I am a huge fan of Vans shoes, and these in particular pretty much rock my socks off. The classics are a personal favorite. Want some for yourself? You can zoom right on over to the Vans website and shop to your heart’s content.

Socks optional.

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    I went to buy these at a vans store and not all the materials are man made. Careful when buying vegan shoes not always are they really vegan.

  • Chad Miller

    Geoff Rowley’s shoe line was all vegan for a long time, for years. Now he’s adding in leather and is no longer vegan. And he likes big game hunting, so… f him. Don’t buy his shoes. Or at least check the materials before you do.

    • Jason Allen

      I am so glad you both posted about Vans and Geoff Rowley not being vegan.
      I am especially greatful for hearing Chad being pissed that Geoff is a big game hunter… so much lies out there… vans using “vegan” to market nonvegan products… and this Geoff dude getting off killing big game and yet claiming to also be a sweet wonderful animal loving vegan dude. What lies… its good to hear people care and see the bulls*** for what it is. Thanks!!! for caring this much to be pissed and help tell others.


  • Chris B.

    Emerica has vegan shoes:

    In the Emerica Fall 2008 Collection, the following shoe models / colorways are made out of all-synthetic materials. Vegans rejoice!

    AR Slim Black Grey Silver
    Fat Laced Black Print
    Heritic 3 Black Print
    Hsu Blue White
    Laced Black White Silver
    Reynolds 3 Black Grey Grey
    Reynolds Lights Black Grey Blue
    Reynolds Lights Grey Red White
    Reynolds Lights Red Grey
    Ridgemont Black Blue Black
    Ridgemont Black Green White
    Ridgemont Black White Print
    The Don Black Black White
    Tope Corrosion Wash
    Tope Grey Gold White
    Transist Black Black Pink
    Transist Black Print
    Transist Black White White
    Transist Brown Blue Gum
    Transist Red White Black
    Transist White
    “Regarding the glue: Emerica uses only water-based glues which are Earth and animal friendly on all our footwear products, including the non-synthetic models”

  • rhino

    Just checked out Geoff Rowley’s myspace.
    He say’s he’s a Vegan. Thats good enough for me.

    • srad

      geoff rowley is NOT vegan, i don’t care what his myspace says. he was just featured in a new video premier canned hunting big game. last time i checked, shooting an animal at point blank wasn’t vegan. i don’t know, maybe i’m missing something, but i think being vegan and shooting and killing animals don’t quite coincide.

  • Zombie Deer

    Sorry to say this, but you don’t know anything about Geoff Rowley, unless you skateboard. He used to be vegan but isn’t anymore. So, when he was vegan, all of his shoes were made from synthetic materials. Even in an earlier interview, when talking about veganism, he said that he would eat a burger, if he ever craved one, and stop eating a vegan diet. If you have any questions about what shoes are vegan-friendly and what’s not, you could always e-mail Vans.