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Miley Cyrus and her best friend, Mandy Jiroux, have been making a series of videos they post on YouTube called the Miley and Mandy Show.  These home movies are an enormous hit with her tween and teen fans, and the videotaping magic takes place mostly in Miley’s bedroom. Ecorazzi already told you about her new eco-anthem, and now the M&M show has released a new video, set to the music of her Wake Up America environmental groove.  Check out the silly and cute fun the ladies have while getting their message out. Keep shouting about it Miley!


  • michael

    That was the greatest video ever.

    Damnit, my inner-tween is bummed to have missed out on the Youtube revolution.

  • Hannah Montana Concert Tour

    I think it is very cool to be seeing young popular artists spreading the message about the environment.

  • Dalena

    I think that it is a good message to tell people

  • Lisa

    You gotta all check out if you care about teens making a difference in the world. These girls rock! Go to the video gallery.

  • Steffen Frost

    You can go green on the iPhone by carticipating.

    We developed the first ride share app on a location aware mobile platform and is available as a free download on the app store for the iPhone. We gave a talk at the Silicon Valley iPhone Developers’ Meetup in Palo Alto last week and we posted the vid on youtube. It can be viewed in “high quality” mode if selected (the wide screen mode in youtube is very cool).

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