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Oh man this is good news (get it…”OH” man).  The internet’s a jumpin’ today with reports that Sandra Oh is not only vegan, but is opening up the eyes of her Grey’s Anatomy castmates to the veg lifestyle. 

Star magazine is reporting that Oh took the cast and crew to Truly Vegan in Hollywood on August 1st and wowed them with a menu of meat-free delights. I mean DUH! Ya’ll know that vegan food is basically the most kickass thing ever!

Apparently her vegetarian crusade was successful too. A source tells the magazine, “They couldn’t believe how amazing the food tasted. Patrick Dempsey enjoyed the chocolate vegan cake and Ellen Pompeo has gone to Truly Vegan half a dozen times since trying the food.”

Now I haven’t read any quotes from Sandra claiming to actually be vegan, and as somebody who essentially studies the art of celebrity eating patterns I’m quick to assume that she merely enjoys vegan food and isn’t necessary a vegan herself.  But hell, vegan or hot I’m totally jazzed that she’s not only eating at vegan restaurants but sharing her finds with friends. YOU GO OH!

  • VeggieTart

    Whether or not she’s vegan, she’s sharing vegan food with people and enjoying food at a vegan restaurant. That’s pretty kickass. I firmly believe that if you show people just how AWESOME vegan food is, you’ve got a big part of the battle won in getting people to kick their meat addictions.

    If there were such a job, I’d love to be a vegan foodie.

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  • Renée Parsons

    Way to go, Sandra Oh! That’s how the ‘good news’ is spread-by sharing the wonderful tastes of health and compassion that the vegan diet provides with others and let the magic begin…

    We’re proud of our Canadian vegan ambassador, Sandra.

    Vegan in Vancouver.

  • Kelly

    This is excellent!