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What do you get when you combine one highly-funded animal rights group with a giant animal-based (and by “based” I mean enslaving) theme park? The answer: a brilliant business deal!

In case you weren’t aware, SeaWorld is currently owned by Anheuser-Busch and when InBev purchased AB they decided to nix the park entirely and sell the whole darn thing. Enter PETA!

PETA has placed a bid to purchase one of the three marine parks and give the world back to the sea.  The animal-rights group plans to make-over the park by putting the animals in marine sanctuaries and even returning some to the wild one day. In lieu of real animals, PETA would replace many of the animal exhibits with virtual reality alternatives.

But wait! Buying a theme park cost a lot of dough! Who in the world has that much cash and such a strong passion for saving the whales? HAYDEN PANETTIERE COME ON DOWN! Just kidding! Even though I’d like to think that the Heroes star is the mystery buyer, I don’t think she’s quite famous enough to write that kind of check. But could it be another Hollywood star?

Click on comment and take a guess at the man (or woman) behind door number 3! The winning guess gets a free whale*!

*We’re only kidding about the free whale thing.


  • Erin Fox

    I think places like SeaWorld help educate the masses on the importance of conservation. I live in Orlando and love that I can go see all these animals up close. There is a fair share of animals in the park that were rehabilitated from the wild. The park could use a makeover for sure, to be more conservation focused and introduce more animals into the wild through breeding programs. No one is going to go to a park that is full of virtual animals.

    • Wowzers

      “No one is going to go to a park that is full of virtual animals.”
      When are said virtual animals supposed to meet their live counterparts, anyway! (HINT: normal meets virtual)

  • Erin Finn

    I too live in the bOrlando area (well 45 mins away at the beach) my name is also Erin and my initials also EF (strange coincidence ;)

    The park PETA would like to buy is the San Diego park (sadly) not Orlando.

    In the articles I’ve read it appears they’re pushing more the sanctuary side which I think is great. They wouldn’t force the animals to perform dumb human tricks and they might even make the facilities more natural _ wow what a concept!

    I have never, in my life, stepped one foot into any Sea World – but I definitely would if Peta bought it. And I think the virtual reality shows could be cool so long as that wasn’t “the whole park” Could be amazing..

    I only wish it were the bOrelando park they were buying… Not SD.


  • VeggieTart

    Erin, my dear, marine parks are nothing more than underwater circuses. How do they promote conservation? Just tell me how penning animals with a range of hundreds of miles in tiny little tanks of chlorinated water and making them do tricks promotes conservation.

  • Brookie

    What a great park it will be!

  • Erin Finn

    Whoops thought you were talking to me for a minutes ;) I also forgot to say that I think it is possible (as they say) to eventually prepare some of them for the wild. It can happen. Better than performing dumb tricks for dumb humans. If I had kids I wouldn’t want them seeing that. What kind of idea does that give children? not a very good one!

    Also I’m not surprised an alcohol company owns the dirty place. They were bought out by some foreign company too right? (Isn’t anything American owned these days IN America.. sigh)

    Ok done venting. As a child my parents did take me out on little boats to do whale watching. We’d just sit there with no motor and be very quiet and respectable to the animals. I’ve even seen some great ones from shore. My best memories by far.

  • Key

    I think giving the park a total makeover with an eye to the animals creature comforts wouldn’t be the worst thing that PETA has ever done.

  • lisa

    Hey, I know this is a nerd comment, but you spelled Hayden’s last name wrong. It’s Panettiere. (The only reason I care is because if you spell celebrities’ names right, more people might find this site through search engines!)

  • parrish

    Lisa- Thank you so much! I write about that chick all the time too.

  • doug Ward

    Leonardo DeCaprio…………….
    Since I can’t have a real whale how about a night with Roseann Barr ?

  • Tehomet

    ^^ Doug Ward? You’re a wanker.

    I have no idea who is funding the PETA takeover of the horrible SeaSlaveWorld, but good on them.

  • Kunal

    Easy – it’s Christian Bale. I mean hey, he did have that Sea Shepherd shirt on (way to go ecorazzi for posting that pic last month!).