flowerMegan Fox, the kick-ass heroine of Transformers, is going to get an electric car. “We still drive an SUV but we’re gonna get rid of it. Tesla’s coming with some of these little electric cars that I want to get as soon as they’re out,” she says.

flowerDon’t you just love hemp? For, um, clothes and stuff, I mean. Reese Witherspoon does. She, along with Michelle Williams and Alanis Morissette, is a fan of Heather Heron’s line of organic European hemp bags.

flowerColts quarterback Peyton Manning raised over $380,000 for at his annual PeyBack Bowl on Monday, with proceeds going to disadvantaged kids through his PeyBack Foundation (nice little word play there). Other celebs who got in on the knocking-of-the-pins included Colts player Reggie Wayne with the highest score, race drivers Scott Dixon and Sam Hornish Jr., and NFL Hall of Famer Gale Sayers.

flowerIs Nelson Mandela more inspiring than Angelina Jolie? Members of Christian Aid think so. When surveyed recently, they found people like Mandela and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to be more inspiring when it comes to changing the world than celebrities like Jolie and Bono. What do you think?

flowerPolish weightlifter Symon Kolecki has shaved his head in solidarity with Tibetan monks. The athlete had his scalp shaved just before he received the Silver Medal in weightlifting.  “This haircut is from this morning. I can’t directly say why I did it. It’s connected with certain things that the Olympic Charter forbids. But I will say that it’s symbolic,” Kolecki said.

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  • Rob

    Asking whether Nelson Mandel is more inspiring than Angelina Jolie is one of the most puerile things I can imagine. Only a child, ignorant of all history, would think that Angelina Jolie was a greater inspiration than Nelson Mandela. I even think that she and Bono would be shocked if someone said that they were a greater inspiration than Mandela and King.

  • sara

    Too true, Rob! It would be interesting to me to see how many youth were polled and what their responses were–not implying that they would vote differently, but just to see who resonates more with the younger crowd. To me, King and Mandela are timeless; but neither of my younger sisters are familiar with Mandela at all! That’s sad in and of itself, but given that (no idea if it’s a trend or not among high school students…)it would be interesting to see how youth would vote in this poll.

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