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Top Five Most Entertaining Moments With Al Gore

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al gore moments

With Al Gore set to speak at the Democratic National Convention next week, I thought it only fitting to gather together what I perceive to be the former Vice-President’s most entertaining moments over the past couple years. I’ve skipped over small events like An Inconvenient Truth or winning the Nobel Peace Prize to focus on the larger accomplishments — like appearing in Futurama or on Saturday Night Live. So join me as we take a look back at Gore’s finest entertainment moments.

1. Gore Brings Star Wars Holography To Live Earth Japan

Live Earth in many ways was a logistical nightmare that somehow all came together all around the world. The technology making it happen — from the stage design to the web casting to television broadcasts — was staggering. What probably received the most attention, however, was Al Gore’s appearance via lifesize hologram at the launch of Live Earth Japan.

The technology came courtesy of a 3D projection system from a company called Musion Eyeliner. Even Prince Charles took advantage of the holographic tech at this year’s World Future Energy Summit. If anything, seeing Gore up on stage simply brought back memories of being a kid and watching Princess Leia implore Obi Wan Kenobi for help via R2D2’s holographic projector. I guess it makes sense though — as Gore has communicated to us time and time again, “We’re Earth’s only hope.” Click here to check out a video of the Gore appearance.

2. Al Gore Bravely Warns The World of ManBearPig On South Park


One of the funniest parodies of the former VP came from the creators of South Park and their hilarious take on the Global Warming crisis. In the original episode, Al Gore comes to South Park to warn the town of a terrible new threat to mankind called…ManBearPig. This half-man, half-bear, half pig (you do the math) supposedly roams the Earth and attacks humans. Of course, since nobody but Al Gore can actually see ManBearPig, nobody takes him seriously. As Stan’s father says, “the former U.S. Vice President is just desperate for attention, because he has no friends.”

In a later episode, a portal to Imaginationland is opened (don’t ask) and ManBearPig actually appears — causing Al Gore to go crazy that he was right all along. Check out a video clip from the episode below:

3. Al Gore Appears On 30 Rock For NBC’s Green Theme Week
For NBC’s first green theme week of programming back in 2007, Al Gore made a cameo on the comedy 30 Rock. In it, he poked a bit of fun at the greenwashing of big business, while also managing to get a few points in on carbon credits and environmental policy. The end is classic as Gore hushes Tina Fey’s character because he’s picked up that a whale somewhere is in trouble. He then takes off his sportscoat and rushes away to help. Check out the video below.

4. Al Gore On Futurama To Promote An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore has made a myriad of cartoon appearances on the animated Futurama, but one moment sticks out as the best. It should be noted that unlike South Park, Gore did all of the voice work for these cameos himself. The clip is a public service announcement from the former Vice-President warning us of the dangers of pollution and inviting people to check out his new movie. Unfortunately, Bender the robot becomes involved and mocks Gore incessantly throughout the PSA. In the end, Gore beats him up, throws him in a garbage bin, and urges people at home to recycle. Check it out below:

5. Al Gore Appears On Saturday Night Live As The 43rd President Of The United States

Oh, how truly different it would have been. To open up SNL back in 2006, Al Gore showed up on camera from the Oval Office in the White House delivering a message to the American people. In it, he talks about how his administration has helped stop Global Warming — but is now faced with attacking glaciers, way too cheap gasoline, and a low $11 trillion dollar government budget surplus. Tough times, indeed. Check out the clip below:

Did we miss something? Let us know what your favorite Gore moment is below!

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