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In celebration of Ecorazzi’s second anniversary, we’re continuing our massive giveaway with the complete line of Jurlique’s new Biodynamic Beauty Range. Last month, Jurlique had a launch party in LA for the new line with such celebrities like Gerard Butler, Parish Hilton, and Salma Hayek in attendance. Here’s a bit from the PR gab:

“The NEW Biodynamic Beauty Range includes the Biodynamic Beauty Serum, Eye Cream, Refining Treatment, and Night Lotion. Each features a blend of biodynamic and organic herbs and flowers combined with potent naturally derived ingredients that soften the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and discolorations while helping to renew and strengthen skin. With continued use, Biodynamic Beauty encourages a smooth, fresh, luminous complexion and invites you to embrace every feature of your unique beauty.”

Now, to be honest, even as a guy I have to say that Jurlique has some of the best moisturizer I’ve ever used post-shave. The fact that it’s organic – as well was sustainably farmed makes it even better. Find out more by visiting the official website here.

Want to win the above? Drop us a comment below telling us why! 

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  • Rachelle

    Seems like a great product! Gimme! LOL!

  • Thea Rose

    please please, pretty please!!!

  • Angela

    I ‘m looking for new products as the ones I’ve been using just arent cutting it. Its been hard since I’m trying to make sure to use products that have natural ingredients. PLEASE!!! GIMME!

  • Adriana Roze

    My skin would be very grateful for these products. It’s very sensitive and I’m told Jurlique would be great for it. Thanks!

  • Key

    Those look lovely and my skin could definitely use a thorough cleansing.

  • Gidget

    These look great! Do you know if they plan to sign the Safe Cosmetics pact? I saw that they haven’t yet, but realize they are a new company. They’re also not yet listed on the Skin Deep database. I’d love to win them, assuming they’d score low on Skin Deep’s hazard scale!

  • southstep

    Well, I would like to give them to my wife… ^^;

  • jamie lynn

    haha, i would send these to my husband! it would save me the money of having to replace his kiehls stuff (quickly running out…)

  • Sara

    I would love to try them.

  • Heather

    I would love to try these new Jurlique products! I’ve been looking for organic skincare. My business has taken such a beating this summer with the economy and construction right in front of my store, I really need some pampering and I can’t afford to buy Jurlique right now.

  • Nature Deva

    I would love to try some biodynamic beauty products. It’s always good for me to try out a product before buying it because I have sensitive skin. Thanks.

  • Sabrina

    I’ve used some of their products before and they are wonderful! I’d love the chance to try out the whole line !

  • Jen

    I have heard of this line, and it would be amazing to try it out for free!

  • Melynda

    I could use the help!

  • Erin

    I love Jurlique. I have very sensitive skin, and it’s been a godsend. And it’s environmentally friendly to boot!

  • Monica

    It’s organic!

  • liz

    I adore Jurlique products. I used to use my sister’s and think they are the bomb. I need some desperately. Love me some Jurlique.

  • Tam

    I have heard such great things about Jurlique products and would love to try them!

  • Kristeen

    I would love to win this. After a summer of being unemployed and using whatever moisturizer I had lying around the house, it would be nice to treat my face.

  • Kelsey

    Oooh la la!

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  • Kristen

    Pick me, please! I have always wanted to try this skin care line because I know these products are earth-friendly, organic and vegan (like me!) and I hear they are quite luxurious. However, as a college student living with my husband on public service salaries, they have never been in my price range. Plus, I never win anything…you can break that streak! : )

  • Jessica

    I would love to try a new product (especially if the moisturizer’s as good as you say it is) but I try not to purchase new products until I’ve used up the old ones. This would be a fun (and awesome) way to try something new without breaking my own rules. :)

  • Naomi

    My dark circles would like to try the Biodynamic Beauty Eye Cream before they swallow me whole…

  • Kristie

    Yes please! I love/need new eco-friendly beauty products!

  • Kristen

    I love trying new beauty products!

  • Robbie

    I’d love to try this too. I’m desperate for some new moisturizers, etc., especially eco-friendly ones, but being a one-income household this summer, it just hasn’t happened. Thanks for the offer!!

  • Kelly

    People use beauty products to enhance their natural beauty and correct past mistakes. I try to live an “organic lifestyle” and avoid harmful chemicals, but I cannot give up specific products that make me feel more confident as I tackle the world. I have worked with environmental public health issues for years, but I have not found an organic product line that is adequate to deserve a permanent spot on my shelf. I challenge ecorazzi to prove me wrong!

  • Sara

    I have a Jurlique face wash that I have been using for the past year and it is great…but almost gone! So, I could really use this set!

  • Marie

    Yes please!! I’m in the market for a new lotion, this sounds perfect.

  • Sharon

    Wow, I can’t wait to see exactly what’s in the formula. But the more eco friendly beauty options out there, the better!

  • Jessica

    I’d love to try this out because it has naturally derived ingredients. thanks!

  • Hil’Lesha

    I had an opportunity to try out their facial mist before and I really liked it. I’d love to try more products by this brand.

  • erin

    my sis used up all mine. i want some new products to rub all over my bodyyyyy..


  • Natasha

    I would LOVE to win these products!! I’ve been trying my hardest to be green ever since the birth of my son, as I see how important it is to leave him with a beautiful Earth for him and his children to enjoy. I dress him in Organic everything-I-can-find, but didn’t even know that organic beauty products were available en mass..looks like I have some more reading to do (Although these would totally be for me, lol)! I couldn’t read your entry rules, as I kept getting an error, so hopefully Canadians can win! As for the products, winning them would be awesome, as wonderful as they look, I just can’t justify spending money on such pampering yet! Thank you :)

  • hazel

    I’d love to win this since I have bad skin and I’d love to try this line to improve it

  • tree

    These sound wonderful! i’ve been looking for a good moisturizer!

  • Toni

    I am looking for a skin care line so I would love to win this, my current one is ont working out so great

  • shannon

    *crossing fingers* please please please! :)

  • Amy

    I’d love to win this because I have yet to find a moisturizer that actually works for my skin!

  • Jennae @ Green Your Decor

    Sounds great, and I love the graphics on their packaging! Sounds like some pampering is in order when I win :)

  • Kai

    Love the organic ingredients.. I’d love to give this a try and share with my mom who really needs some new skin care products!

  • Laura Mann Beatus

    I love ecorazzi! Thanks for all the great giveaways!

  • Mary

    I would love to win the Complete Line of Jurlique Biodynamic Beauty Range because I have been having a lot of trouble with my skin lately, struggling to find a product that works magic on my sensitive skin! I think (and hope!) Jurlique Biodynamic Beauty Range will do the trick!

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  • Sally

    I want to win because I like free stuff and I like to make myself pretty.

  • Phoebe

    Gotta love “potent” natural ingredients, and organic skincare! This is one of your most awesome Giveaways yet!

  • Kristen

    sounds fabulous! thanks for the offer :)

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  • Taran

    My girlfriend would love this!

  • Ivonne

    organic ingredients and it’s a collection of beauty products?! those two things are almost never found in the same sentence, except when they’re pretty pricey. not everyone can get a hold of such products..especially not me.

  • EG

    Why? Becuase it’s free! And because I demand all the same free swag that Paris Hilton gets.

  • Cheryl Free

    I’d LOVE to win the same products that Salma Hayek uses :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  • Elizabeth M.

    I’m just starting to show the first signs of fine lines, etc. and these natural based products would be gentle and effective for me. I would love to try them!

  • Joleen

    Ohhh there’s enough to share with my friends and sharing is caring! I’ve been looking for the perfect line of organic body products, but no ONE company has made the cut. If you think it’s the best, I gotta try it!

  • Angie

    I had the pleasure of using Jurlique products at a spa last week and they were FABULOUS! I hope I win this bag of goodies!

  • Calee

    I’ve heard really good things about these. I’d love to try!

  • lace

    I love trying new products. These sound wonderful.

  • Brandi

    Hey! I’m trying to switch to all organic beauty products so I’d really like to try this out. Thanks!

  • tiffany

    I have a mismatched mix of beauty products and I really want to try a new organic line of products that complement each other.

  • Chi

    I would love to try it out, that’s why I want to win :D

  • Kelli

    I’d love to try out these products!

  • Jessica

    I really need this because I am just starting my second year of teaching! I teach high school English/Language Arts and I feel like I have aged ten years in the past year! I know that my skin shows this! I hope I win!

  • Gregg

    I would like to win this for my girlfriend. She is always complaining about the skin products that she buys in stores. This one sounds much better and I think she would love it! I want to use it too!

  • Tamika LaShelle

    Because it is important to me what I put in and on my body!!!

    Love is…

  • Stephanie

    I’d love to win this! I’m in the process of switching all my products over to more natural, organic choices and it is so pricey!

  • amy

    I would love to try these!

  • Lisa

    These look great, I love the design on the packaging (I hope that it’s recyclable)! I just had a baby and my skin is in shambles with all of the hormone fluctuations. I’m hoping to find something that won’t add to the toxic load on my or my little one’s body (since she’s nursing she’d be affected too). I’d love to try these, I haven’t been able to find Jurlique anywhere locally yet.

  • Beeb

    I would love to win this set, because I am the biggest beauty product junkie you’ll ever meet. Trying new beautify-ing aids is one of the little joys of life for me. I’d be particularly interested to try this line, because of the natural ingredients – good for the environment, AND my sensitive skin!

    Thanks for offering these great giveaways!

  • Corey

    These look like a great group of products…I’d love to try them and provide honest feedback about the products on my new eco beauty product blog. help a lady out?!?!?!? please!!!! :)

  • Karin A

    Have never used these products~~~would love to try them!

  • Julia

    I studied Jurlique for a marketing project in college… never could afford their line, but what a great company!

  • Brittni

    I would feel great using these products and would be so much healthier because of it!!

  • Nicki

    How much do I love Ecorazzi? Sooo much,as an impoverished student getting the chance to win lovely Jurlique products is great. Keep up the great work x

  • Chrissy

    I absolutely adore the Jurlique products! They are such a cool company, supporting all natural, organic & now biodynamic, amazing ingredients! They smell so so good too & really work leaving your skin clear, fresh & glowing! Unfortunately they’re pretty pricey & I can’t afford them for the time being…
    I would be so grateful to win the range & share amongst friends!
    Ecorazzi you rock!
    Peace, love & joy, Chrissy*

  • Kathleen W.

    Those are great! I’ve never heard of Jurlique before, but I love that they make such a wide range of products. I’d love to get my husband to try the lotion post-shave like you did!

  • Heather C

    What a great giveaway! Thanks. Would love to try this.

  • Elaine R

    I love trying new beauty products!

  • Anja

    Jurlique is a range of products that I’ve seen at my local health and beauty store, and the closest I’ve ever come to using them are smelling and touching the testers – they ain’t cheap! So I would love to try them, for real this time!