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You know what New York City needs? MORE BICYCLE RACKS! Even though I don’t own a bike (but plan to soon), I seriously feel for my fellow peddlers who very often have no place to park their wheels. Apparently David Byrne of Talking Heads feels their pain too.

Byrne is helping city-dwellers park it by designing a range of arty bicycle racks throughout the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn.  What…no Queens? 

The nine installations will come in all different shapes and sizes, ranging from a man to a dollar sign, and will later go on to be sold as pieces of art. David says he came up with the idea to help promote a Department of Transportation competition to design indoor and outdoor bike racks.

So from all of us here at Ecorazzi we’d like to be the first to say: HEY DAVID…NICE RACK!!


  • Stephanie Williams

    I adore David Byrne and have been listening to his music since i was a little girl back when he was in Talking Heads till just the other day when i DL his new record from his website.

    I love all he does for bike riders in the city being that he is an avid rider himself <3