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There’s a war of words happening between an environmental charity and an “earth-friendly nightclub” over a fund-raising party being held in Ibiza. The UK-based Club4Climate, which is considered Britain’s first ecological nightclub, wants people to fly to an island off the Spanish coast where it claims “you can save the world drinking cocktails next to the pool.” All of the money raised is designated to go to the environmental charity Friends of the Earth USA.

Problem is, FOE USA wants nothing to do with the event. In a released statement on their website, the group says, “There is no such affiliation. Friends of the Earth does not support Club4Climate and has not given it permission to use its logo. We are not accepting financial contributions from Club4Climate. Aircraft emit large quantities of heat-trapping gases, and the idea of flying somewhere to have a party is antithetical to fighting global warming. Solving the climate crisis requires hard work and a phaseout of our use of fossil fuels, through conservation measures as well as a transition to clean forms of energy, such as wind and solar power. Club4Climate cannot “save the world” with a party and should not claim it can do so.”

How do you like them apples? Club4Climate isn’t deterred in the least; their founder Dr. Earth (really? that’s your shtick?) said the following: “Friends of the Earth USA’s stance that anyone who has ever driven a car or flown in a plane is environmentally unfriendly is ludicrous. Climate change requires urgent action from everyone. It’s not all or not at all.”

Dr. Earth added, “..but we’re going to give them the money anyway.”

Yea, well, someone should tell this guy that throwing a party on an island and encouraging people from all over the world to fly there for the environment is stupid. As SmartPlanet mentions, there’s no indication that the Pikes Hotel gig has any ‘green’ elements. But hey, at least you get to see Kate Moss make her DJ-ing debut.


For more, check out SmartPlanet’s coverage of the controversy…

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  • Eric

    Ibiza is off the Spanish coast and consquently, it is a Spanish island, not Greek.

    I definitely agree that flying there for the singular purpose to “save the world” is a waste, but it is a party island already, so there will be plenty of people there to attend. Nevertheless, this sounds like a lame attempt on the part of “Dr. Earth” to make a quick buck on the current popularity of environmentalism.

  • michael

    Thanks Eric — I think FOE needs to update their PR to reflect that correct geography.

  • richard curson

    Firsty club4climate is not the brainchild of Mr Charalambous, it was mine and I launched it over 1 year ago at studio valbonne in Kingly Street London. I thought of the name, designed the logo and colour scheme. I launched club4climate because I wanted to raise awareness on how people can change their lives to fight the effects of climate change. Mr Charalambous took the project away from me so is most definately not the founder or brainchild of club4climate. I am dissapointed that it is offending Friends of the Earth as they work tirelessly to really make a difference to fight climate change and I believe club4climate should listen to such experienced charities and stop bullying the very charities who are also working to help the planet and start concentrating on educating people on how to change their lives to help the environment which is what I established club4climate to do in the first place. I am very angry that newspapers are misleading people by saying Mr Charalambous is the founder when I can prove and it is absolutely clear I founded it and for the right reasons.

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