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The crazy popular Jonas Brothers broke a few hearts and sent some tweens crying after a green-themed contest with Chevy turned sour.

Apparently, the idea was to get kids thinking green by holding a poster contest — with the winner getting some one-on-one time with the musicians. Unfortunately, organizers greatly under-estimated how popular such a opportunity would be to tweens in the Chicago area and they were overwhlemed with the sheer number of entries. From the article,

“So-called “Chevy Spotters” were to be in the First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre parking lots looking for possible winners. But many of the posters covered with glitter glue and puffy paint were thrown in the trash, likely destined to end up in landfills, because there were too many to be judged outside and the posters weren’t allowed in the venue. Ticket takers said the posters were banned because they could obstruct fans’ views. One worker said the posters would be given to the Jonases later. But that did little to ease the disappointment of young fans seen dejectedly throwing their posters into huge garbage bins before the show.”

Ah, nothing like taking a whole lot of love and energy, coupled with a green theme, and sending it to the landfill. Didn’t Chevy’s parent company GM do something similar with the Saturn EV1?

Nice guys, real nice.

Thanks to EarthFirst for the tip!

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  • Sydney

    Isn’t it the organizer’s fault? Not the Jonas Brothers’? I’m sure the Jonas Brothers can’t do anything about it, but it’s the organizers who make the rules there, not the Jonas Brothers.

  • michael

    You are correct. By “guys”, I meant Chevy. Although, Chicago isn’t the first city this has happened in, so it might behoove the Jonas Brothers to step in and perhaps come up with some alternatives that make everyone happy.

  • James

    Actually, you should all check your facts.

    The Jonas Brothers’ management is who ultimately makes the decision to not allow the posters into the venue. Regardless, could you imagine if every single little girl at the concert had a large poster? Which, judging by how it looked in the line of 30,000 people, that would have been likely. Which means, the posters would have obstructed everyone’s view.