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Looks like Kate Hudson is in some HOT water! Fox News is reporting (yuck) that 220 Laboratories Inc. has filed a lawsuit against Kate Hudson and business partner David Babaii over their new eco-friendly collection of shampoos and styling aids.

A couple months ago Ecorazzi told you all about Hudson’s new line that is made from “an exclusive blend of exotic ingredients free of sulfates, parabens, and animal testing.” Well it turns out that maybe some of those ingredients aren’t so exclusive after all…or so says 220 Laboratories.

The company is claiming that they were the only supplier of volcanic ash in the USA and entered an “oral contract” with the Hudson and Babaii to exclusively develop and manufacture the product. It was only after the agreement that the company revealed its secret ingredient, at which point Kate and David shopped the ash samples around to find a cheaper deal. Ouch!

The lawsuit bashes the duo, calling them “willful and malicious”, and accusing them of misappropriation of trade secrets, fraud, and breach of contract and confidence. BUT WHAT DO YOU THINK? Is all this drama gonna stop you from buying Hudson’s hair care line? Chime in and give us your thoughts on this hairy situation!

  • michael

    Volcanic Ash. Who knew? Hopefully, this doesn’t cut into the percentage they were planning on donating to WWF.

  • shannon

    sigh. already bought it…but it probably wouldn’t have stopped me from buying it. i have a hard time believing “malicious” as applied to KH, but what do i know. :)

  • The Science Commenter

    That’s silly. Most things in nature as well as certain formulas usually don’t hold good arguments in court as far as copyrights and patents are concerned. Things like that just aren’t that “exclusive.”

    If you were using cow fecal matter as special moisturizer, who’s going to go around and make sure other people aren’t collecting poop to use it in the same way as you.

    Let’s all go to Mount Helen and make our own beauty line.

  • Eric

    Haha 220 Laboratories was dumb enough to enter an “oral contract”. What kind of idiotic business would reveal their coveted trade secret without a legally binding written contract? This’ll never hold up in court.

  • michael

    I agree — if they really had an oral contract, this thing is going to be thrown out. At the very least, there should have been an NDA or something tossed around.

  • jeanruss

    If their allegations are true, I wouldn’t buy their products. It’s imporatnt to have ethics today, after the destruction of our current lawless administration. It’s more than time to be honest and straightforward in how we deal with each other.

    • amber

      David Babaii is one of the most dishonest person that i have ever met!I feel bad for anyone who will go into business with him!!

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  • Ashley

    Yeah, I think organic lines are finally getting mainstream, consumers are finally starting to care about the environmental issues plauging today and it’s a shame people like Kate Hudson use it as a marketing pitch rather than a cause. I stay stick to crappy movies Kate and leave the manufacturing of wholesome products up to those who care. That way they will reach mainstream america sooner and people will feel good rather than suspicious about bringing “organic” into their homes.

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  • erin

    Love the Fox news (yuck) line. you’re on a roll today! And ya doubt an oral agreement will hold up….

    ;) E

  • Remy Chevalier

    Makes my point that sadly, green ethics doesn’t chime with business ethics yet, and that we can’t change human nature overnight, only try to save the planet. Meaning that if we need to green the mob, then so be it… but keep in mind Hitler was a vegetarian, an animal lover, and a strong advocate of the back to nature movement. Everybody wants to make a quick green buck these days, sucking at the tit of man’s desperate quest for a way out of here as the planet is clearly dying from all our sins! Bravo Kate for showing us the true colors of green business… as usual.

  • parrish

    Hey Remy! Great to hear from you! Just a quick correction: Hitler, in fact, was not a vegetarian. Like the Jennifer Aniston pregnant rumor, I’m afraid it’s only that…a vicious rumor. Here’s a quote from John Robbins’ book Food Revolution that explains more:

    “Robert Payne is widely considered to be Hitler’s definitive biographer. In his book, Hitler: The Life and Death of Adolph Hitler, Payne says that Hitler’s “vegetarianism” was a “legend” and a “fiction” invented by Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda. According to Payne:

    ‘Hitler’s asceticism played an important part in the image he projected over Germany. According to the widely believed legend, he neither smoked nor drank, nor did he eat meat or have anything to do with women. Only the first was true. He drank beer and diluted wine frequently, had a special fondness for Bavarian sausages and kept a mistress, Eva Braun… His asceticism was fiction invented by Goebbels to emphasize his total dedication, his self-control, the distance that separated him from other men. By this outward show of asceticism, he could claim that he was dedicated to the service of his people. In fact he was remarkably self-indulgent and possessed none of the instincts of the ascetic.'”

    For more info on this Veggie Hitler rumor check out

  • Louella Hopper

    EVERYONE in Tinseltown knows that David Babaii, (Bye-Bye) is a total looser, scam artist , pathological liar and sociopath. He would sell his Armenian grandma down the river to make a buck. My Bye-Bye, plys all assistant publicists, publicists, assistant managers, managers, agents, assistant agents, celeb assistants with PAYOLA! Then once he gets in with an A-Lister, he plys them with GOLD, PLATINUM, DIAMONDS, LOUIS VUITTON, GUCCI, ROLEX, CARTIER

    • metoo

      what the hell are you rambling about?

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  • Nan

    Why yuck regarding Fox News? If you feel their reporting is inaccurate why write an article based on one of their reports? Look quick, your ignorant double standards are showing!

  • Corbs Orullian

    I just pray that is issue is resolved soon!!! I absolutely LOVE this product and am very sad that I can’t find it easily. Why do people have to be this way…They had such a good thing going and could have made a lot of money if they would have kept their word. On the other hand being an ex-real estate agent one knows that only a contract is binding. I think both parties are at fault here and need to kiss and make up!!!