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Here’s an interesting ploy:

A mysterious announcement popped up on the web a few weeks back declaring that a new car company called FOSH Automotive was about to drop a green bomb on the automotive industry. Their vehicle would be “the first unlimited mileage, electric car with a revolutionary, self-regenerating battery system.” Better yet, such amazing technology would retail below $25,000.” Sign up with your email address and they would update you on their progress.

Of course, bullshit meters went into the red all over the web — but some green sites remained optimistic for when the company would finally reveal its cards.

Turns out, it’s all a hoax — with the original “green car” site now displaying political rants against Barack Obama and showing photos of abortions. “For those that believe we are pulling a hoax,” the site says “You’re dead wrong. The real hoax is barack hussein obama and we are trying to make the world a better place by showing you how easy some people fall for what they want to believe. The United States of America, without the socialist, entitlement supporting, flip-flopping, lying, checkered past barack hussein obama as our leader, is better off, as is the world.”

Even worse, for all those that signed up to be on the “Fosh Automotive” mailing list, their address will now be used to some unknown political means. A truly deceptive tactic that I suppose should come as no surprise.

Check out the conversation going on over at ABG for additional details…

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  • Hil

    This is so irritating! Not surprising, but irritating none the less! I could go off on a rant, but I’ll leave it at that:)

  • Stephanie Williams

    Yeah, cause Mc Cain has a GREAT record of not flip-flopping….10 minutes after he said something totally different.


  • Robin D (Sarasota, FL)

    Just reprehensible! Is there no shame with these kind of people?
    Today was voting day here in FL, 11% of Sarasota county voted. Hillsborough
    county did even worse at 3 flipping percent! C’mon people get out the vote!

  • VeggieTart

    The second someone brings up Obama’s middle name, you know they have nothing else with which to attack him. It’s a cheap shot.

  • erin

    I agree. Totally cheap shot. What a bunch of hypocritical Christian wanna be’s.

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  • jamie lynn

    disgusting. honestly. just disgusting. everyone is entitled to their own opinion; i guess the difference is that some of us respect that right and others try to make everyone agree with THEM–including using scare tactics and false propaganda. sick.

  • Sharon

    I’m very disappointed with the biased “GREEN” views toward politics.
    Things aren’t as cut and dry as Implied here.

    I think it is not fair the opinions being set forth on this site as truths as far as McCain AND Obama are concerned.

  • Remy Chevalier

    They’re right about the car though… it could be Tesla or any other EV out there if only MIT would allow the licensing of their solid state lithium ion chemistry which they’ve been sitting on for years!

  • johnny chan

    It is really boring that you use the name ” hussain” as if to say a word makes him less of a president? How redneck of you

  • cowboybob

    The only reason this is even a story is because there are so many misguided neanderthals who gladly swallow every tidbit of “green” news that spews out of the environmental whacko propaganda machine and their willing lackies in DC…I wonder if their legs have been tingling along with Chris Matthews since the inauguration of “The One”.

    Electric cars are a modern trojan horse promising the sun and delivering nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for new technology and fully expect that someday, internal combustion engines will be quite passe. But I am also an engineer trained to think logically, analyze the facts and use science for the best purpose and value. And until a very large portion of the energy in the world can be generated from renewable sources, this is a loser. If you want to buy one, fine. Just don’t try to ram one down my throat if I chose to support a different approach.

    And some will really hate this part, but until you embrace nuclear power, there is no hope of anything else replacing oil/coal in my lifetime, or yours. And the whackos don’t want nuclear either…so there goes that option…dangit.

    FYI, there is an oil field discovery in Montana/Wyoming that DWARFS, yes DWARFS, the middle eastern reserves…but guess what, the whackos don’t want that either. We could have 50 cent/gal gasoline again real soon….but no, let’s pay $5 to enable electric Yugos for all!

    Cheers–from the bright light of right wing radicalism. Working hard everyday to balance out the doom and gloom of obamamania