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Sophie Monk is totally busted! The Australian vegetarian celebrity was recently photographed leaving a Hollywood KFC with a box of chicken in hand and the vegan police are out for blood (or rather a faux blood, soy-based vegan alternative).

True, there’s nothing illegal about eating at KFC (although there should be), and if this picture was taken in one of the Canadian chains that now offer a vegan alternative it wouldn’t be such a big deal. But this was shot in Hollywood, and we all know that American KFC’s aren’t anywhere near vegan!

What makes it worse is that Monk has very publicly spoken out against the fast food chain in the past, saying: “I think the message to KFC eaters [is that] you should think about what you’re eating. If you’re eating deformed animals that are being induced by hormones, you know, it can not be good for you.”

I can’t tell you how much I hate hearing stories like this. And so, because I’m half Jewish and half Catholic (and therefore properly trained in the art of denial), I’ve prepared a list of the top five possible reasons Sophie could have been leaving KFC with a box of chicken.

1. She was doing undercover work for PETA.
2. It was a child’s Make A Wish request was to have Sophie Monk buy them KFC.
3. She was being held hostage and the man with the gun was photoshopped out of the picture later.
4. She has a clone.
5. She was stealing the food to give to the homeless.

Why do YOU think Sophie was eating at KFC?

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  • Niran

    She must have got vegetarian burgers & nuggets . . . (She is NOT a vegan)

  • michael


  • The Science Commenter

    That’s funny. There are no veggie burgers at KFC…and yes, no veggie chicken in the U.S. yet. She might have been picking up for her co-workers on a set or something.

    Parrish: You are too funny!

  • Rachelle

    Has PETA asked her for an explanation yet? LOL!

  • Hil

    Maybe she just got some side dishes, like coleslaw or some biscuits?

  • Stephanie Williams

    Because PETA is notorious for using celebrities in several ads that don’t REALLY support the causes in the long run.

  • sickgirl

    Before I went from vegetarian to vegan I got KFC biscuits, corn, green rice and mac and cheese all the time. It’s not healthy, but it’s not chicken.

  • michael

    She may not have bought chicken, but if she’s been outspoken against the company and their practices before, why support them at all? Seems a little ridiculous to blast them and then go and buy some mashed potatoes…

  • Kelley B.

    She’s busted! I guess PETA won’t be using her for any ads. Good thing she didn’t win their “Sexiest Vegetarians” award! Check out

  • Gravelly Voice

    That’s totally chicken she’s carrying. No question. I worked at a KFC for two years. You only use a rectangular box when you’re serving BIRD. Side dishes by themselves get plastic containers or other to-go cups.

  • VeggieTart

    1) She did buy a bunch of side dishes.
    2) She bought the mutilated corpses for someone else.

    Problem is, even if KFC does offer a veg alternative, it will be cooked in the samae oil as the chunks of dead critter. So why bother?

  • erin

    Parrish this was the funniest post you wrote yet. Funny as hell. BUT very disturbing since this hypocritical moron (who I don’t think is particularly talented or beautiful) is obviously just making a bad name for the movement. I cannot stand stories like that. Unless it was a dying meal for someone there’s no excuse. None at all. I can’t WAIT to hear what she has to say for her sorry ass pathetic LOSER self.

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  • TSV

    You ask, “Why do YOU think Sophie was eating at KFC?” Well, apparently you already know since you wrote “PETA Supporter Sophie Monk Gets Caught With KFC Chicken In Hand.”

    That settles it, I suppose. By the way, are you a vegetarian? A vegan? Or just a hypocrite?


  • parrish

    Hey TSV. Nice to meet you?

    Of course I’m vegan. Where did you get the idea that I wasn’t? In fact I’ve been vegan for over 7 years and worked hard to boost the vegetarian content on our site. I’m a member of PETA, The North American Vegan Society and The International Vegetarian Union. Besides this site, my writing has been featured on and (where I wrote about an animal rights event). I’ve volunteered with The Farm Sanctuary, worked with The International Vegan Society and before I became a writer I waited tables at 3 vegetarian restaurants in the city. I’m friends with some of the top vegan writers in the country and feature vegan artists on our site every chance I get.

    I’ve convinced no less than 3 ex-girlfriends, 2 best friends and 1 family member to adopt the vegetarian lifestyle, and when it comes to vegetarian celebrities, I dare say I’m an expert. Oh and I also have a subscription to VegNews…I mean duh!


    “You ask, “Why do YOU think Sophie was eating at KFC?” Well, apparently you already know since you wrote “PETA Supporter Sophie Monk Gets Caught With KFC Chicken In Hand.”

    The whole piece was about MY speculation as to what was in the bag. At the end, because we love, love, love participation here at the Razz, I asked our readers to chime in and tell us what they thought. We love opinions…especially controversial ones, but not outright lies. Any regular Ecorazzi reader will confirm my solid (and sometime obnoxious) stance on veganism.

    Why so much hate TSV? You and I are on the same team!

  • Moonunit

    There will always be haters Parrish…but not us we LOVE you and your veganism ;)

  • parrish

    Thanks Moonunit! GROUP HUG!!!

  • Mini


    Nice response. Parrish is damn intimidating!

  • TSV

    Parrish: I’ve changed that post. Please accept my sincerest apologies.


  • parrish

    Groovy TSV! See kids — vegans getting along with vegans. Ain’t that what dreams are made of?!


    Celebrities are no saints! If this was a faux-pas we should forgive her because with her PETA campaign she showed us that she is at least veg in her heart and feeling for the abused animals! In the same way we should think about Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Eva Longoria and many many other celebs with so-called two faces because their life is hard and they cannot be always strong and a good example – here we are asking too much from them! Anyhow – with people like JLo, Blige and Madonna it’s different! They are willingly funding the fur-industry – being well-informed what’s happening behind the scene and this is unforgivable in every way because they are ruthlessly doing it again and again and again!

  • Ildiko M. C. Laszlo

    ………..because she is a hypocrite????

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