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Jennifer Aniston is seen here driving a huge, gas-guzzling Range Rover SUV. Just to remind you, the Range Rover gets an embarrassingly low 12-mpg in the city and we think that totally sucks! Come on, Jen — ditch the big wheels and go hybrid already. Pretty please!!

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  • Courtney

    I thought Ellen was in an environmental commercial a little while back and then on tv when they were showing her and Portia on their honeymoon, they were getting into this big Toyotoa SUV.
    I’m sure they would be just fine in a Toyota Prius, Honda Civic hybrid, or a Tesla Roadster.
    The thing I most often think when I see one person in a huge SUV is : idiot polluter.
    I know some people need SUVS but there are more fuel efficient models out there.

  • caseyl

    So, Jennifer is the only celebrity who does not drive a Hybrid? I would have sworn I had seen pix of Brad & Angie in an SUV, as well as numerous other stars. Surely you wouldn’t be that obviously one-sided in your gossip reporting….would you????

  • Julia

    Maybe with the papparazi following them in close range, they’re trying to prepare for the worst? A Toyota Prius would be smashed whereas an SUV would protect its drivers and passengers much more efficiently.

  • Stephanie Williams

    What do you expect from someone who just got busted fur shopping. Obviously, she (and many others) really don’t care about anything other then themselves.

  • mayeriscool

    Jennifer Aniston is a spoiled little slut who can’t keep a man. John Mayer what right to dump her ass.

  • Eric

    well when i was going 70 mph down the interstate and had a blow out the tire shredded itself but it didnt fall off,sometimes its better to go ahead with safty then savings.? just saying. i got a limited edition GT mustang its my Beast. wanna race? lol

  • James

    Oh come on! If I had the paps on my ass all day long, I’d drive something that can run them over too.

    BTW Mayeriscool, John Mayer is a loser. Any body that tips off the paps so he can be seen is an egotistical, zero class loser.

    Oh, and his new album sucks.

  • julia you’re a misinformed IDIOT


    Have you read independent tests (for instance Consumer Report’s) for Toyota Prius VS SUVs. I have a Toyota Prius with side curtain airbags and I hate to pop your bubble but it fared better than MOST SUV’s (including jen’s wheels) in their annual crash test report. My car rates “good” for side and front impact. You are misinformed and I cannot STAND when people write something so stupid and wrong without bothering to use your brain to do a search first. It just goes to show how misinformed society is thinking SUV”s are safer. They’re less safe, they tend to roll (and I mean roll over and you die , not roll like cool “this is how we roll”) They take up more space and they SUCK GAS (whereas my car will KICK GAS!) which is why I have never owned an SUV in my LIFE!

  • Sally

    So WHat