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Forget Obama, scratch Clinton, and hold off on Biden! This week’s real star popping up all over the Denver area is none other than Daryl Hannah.

Ever since we tagged the actress at a fundraiser for Australian Sugar Glider Squirrels, we’ve been able to keep tabs on her whereabouts — and with the Democratic National Convention in town, she’s out and about pumping the green agenda. So, what are some highlights?

According to Autobloggreen, Hannah will be making an appearance on an upcoming edition of The Daily Show — potentially tonight. Paul Scott from Plug-In America sent in a note saying that he worked with the crew to get Hannah for the interview and talk about electric vehicles. Unfortunately, she may not have come across that well. “I did catch Daryl reviewing her notes and offered some pointers on the eBox since she was more of a bio-diesel proponent and, to my knowledge, not well versed on EVs,” Scott said. “I’m glad it did since Wyatt asked several questions on the specifics of the car. There were a couple of answers that were, shall we say, less than correct, so I cringed, knowing what might be done in the Daily Show editing suite.”

I’m sure they’ll be kind. Heh heh.

Yesterday, Hannah made an appearance at the Denver Civic Center to speak on behalf of The Backbone Campaign, an organization that “promotes progressive change”. “You guys are our solution superheroes driven by passion and compassion and common sense,” Hannah said.

Earlier she also was present at the Greenfrontier Fest promoting the idea that Colorado can serve as the hub of a “New Energy Economy,” one built around wind turbines and solar panels. Reports indicate that she was one of the few to actually walk about the park facilities in nothing but bare feet. Groovy.

We’re not sure if there will yet be any changes in the speaker line-up for the DNC to get Hannah up on stage, but we’re holding out that it’s possible. At the very least, they could setup a screener for her latest flick, Shark Swarm.

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  • Stimpson

    I think I’m in love with Daryl Hannah. Again.