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Sometimes people suck! We were reminded of that yesterday with the whole anti-Obama electric car hoax, and today we are once again presented with human suckage with this story.

I write about Pamela Anderson a whole lot because I sincerely believe in her goal to bring animal issues to the mainstream. Pam has preached long and hard against the horrors of KFC and is constantly going above and beyond to help promote the vegetarian lifestyle. What could be greener than that?!

Anyway, our little Baywatch beauty found herself in a bit of pickle this week while in Australia promoting her new reality show Pam: Girl On The Loose. Here’s the deal: during a press conference an eager “reporter” approached Pam, pulled down his shorts and asked her to sign his red underwear. Ok, kinda creepy, but I ain’t mad at ya about it. Then, after Pam politely agreed to sign her name on the man’s underwear, the rude “reporter” pulled out a KFC chicken leg from his pants and began eating it. Pam was obviously unhappy and told her manager, “This is what happens. See, I create this image and this is what happens.”

Dude, seriously! I don’t get people! Hey if you don’t agree with Pam’s politics that’s totally cool…you go be you! BUT she isn’t hurting anybody so why be a frigin jerk about it. We here at Ecorazzi feel Pam’s pain and would like to offer our digital shoulder for her to cry on. Keep on rockin’ your stuff, Mrs. Anderson. We think you’re great!

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  • erin

    I agree with you 100%. Ya can’t help but love Pam. She really appears to sincerely care and have the animal’s best interest in mind.

  • Stephanie Williams

    I would have shoved that pen where the sun don’t shine or simply kicked him in his exposed butt.

  • Mini

    Here’s an explanation of why someone would do that. Ha!

  • Mark Gross

    Pam RULES, and I hope she keeps fighting the good fight for animals. People who try to bring about change will always be the targets of jackasses who have nothing better to do, like this bird-eating fool. Rock on, Pamela!