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As the villainous, one-eyed assassin Elle Driver (code-named “California Mountain Snake”) in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, Daryl Hannah’s character kicked some serious ass — and suffered a pretty nasty fate in the end. Nevertheless, while we’re not sure exactly whether she lived or died, we do know that her 1980 T-topped Trans Am is getting reborn — as an all-electric sportscar.

“I’m turning the Trans Am from “Kill Bill” into an electric car,” she recently told The Denver Post “I think it will be a really good spokesmodel for electric cars.”

The 47-year-old actress knows cars can be a great marketing tool for future sustinable tech. She recently placed her beloved, biodisel Chevy El Camino up for auction on her site dhlovelife. “My El Camino has been an ambassador for biodiesel because it’s badass-looking,” she said. Converting her Trans Am to the next logical tech is easy, but she know there will be limitations associated with the switch. “Because it’s a heavier car, it’s not going to get as long a range,” she said. “But I’m on solar.”

Well, the solar will definitely give Hannah a closed-loop system of clean energy — but it will do nothing to increase the mileage between charges. Perhaps an upgrade to the Tesla Roadster, which Hannah recently took a spin in — and called a “mid-life” crisis car — would better suit her green travel needs.

Either way, look for Daryl to once more sport a badass green super car. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

via The Denver Post

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