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Oh how I love thee? Let me count the ways. Natalie Portman (my favorite) was given the Movie for Humanity Award at the Venice Film Festival this week for her philanthropic endeavors. 

In the past Natalie has spoken out against poverty, helped bring attention to the problems in Rwanda and encouraged American citizens to get out and vote.  She’s also a proud vegetarian (sometimes vegan) who even has her own cruelty-free shoe line

Along with the award Portman received a $50,000 check, which she donated to the Tacare Girl’s Scholarship Program of the Jane Goodall Institute — a non-profit organization involved in education and wildlife research in Tanzania. Accepting the award, she said: “The Jane Goodall foundation does incredible work in Tanzania, an area which is very environmentally affected. I really appreciate this award.”

So from all of us here at Ecorazzi, a big Hip Hip Hooray for one of our favorite green gals. 

  • design snob

    Natalie Portman rocks! Beauty. Talent. Heart. What’s not to like!

  • Melissa

    Sometimes vegan? I thought she went vegan recently? She really needs to stick with it. There’s no excuse for her not to be. It’s not that hard, especially for a person of her means. If I can do it making $9/hr there is no reason she can’t.

    I do love her. I really hope she gets her stuff together.