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In terms of activism for the vegetarian and animal rights scene, few people can measure up to the work done by the late Linda McCartney. Her Wikipedia profile bears testament to the amazing contributions she made to various causes and initiatives — not to mention her pioneering ways in the area of frozen vegetarian meals.

Almost 10 years after her death from breast cancer, the McCartney family is working on what they consider to be a “very personal project” to expand the Linda McCartney Foods brand; which was launched in 1991. From The Herald,

Last year, the firm Hain Celestial bought the license to the foods and the McCartney family (who are all vegetarian) have since been working with the firm, not only with photography and packaging design, but with new lines. ‘We’re working with them now on coming up with ideas based on the recipes that mum had and the way she cooked,’ said daughter Mary McCartney. ‘We’re very hands-on. We want to do it for her, the way she would have wanted it done.'”

According to the Vegetarian Star, the new line of food will include Vegetarian Mince, Vegetarian Meatballs, and Vegetarian “Chicken” Style Pieces. Everything is being done as a tribute to Linda and an effort to get more options into the marketplace for people choosing to pick up the veggie lifestyle. “Our intention was — and still is — to provide our friends and customers with an easy, healthy alternative to a meat-based diet,” says Paul on the official site.

Has anyone ever tried the brand? What did you think?

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  • Aneta

    The site is very cute and products enticing. I learned about their history, and it is nice to see sustainability and green missions in all business areas, having Stella McCartney leading the way in apparel.

  • Filey

    The food didn’tdo linda any good, why should we eat it?

  • Webbie at ScouseVeg

    Judging by the comments left by visitors to our site – they hate the “new recipies” :

  • The Science Commenter


    I’m sure Linda was very healthy and energetic before she developed cancer. There is no magic food that prevents it completely. But a meat based diet is linked to it.

    If I remember correctly, she had breast cancer. Many of those cases can be explained by having alterations in the BRCA1 or 2 genes. So unless you know exactly the details of her cancer (and even if you did), you really should be sticking some of her food in your mouth so you can’t talk about things you’re not educated about

  • erin

    i’m with science commenter on this one. also back then there wasn’t as much as an emphasis on raw foods (nor was there as much organic available) Eating more fresh raw organic always helps but even that is no guarantee.

  • Stephanie Williams

    I cannot believe some peoples rudeness and ignorance on this site sometimes (Re: Filey)

    Anyway, my BF has been veg since 11 and born and raised in the UK (came to US 2 years ago) and he always raved about the Linda McCartney food. Esp the “bacon” and hates that you can’t find it in the states.

    Though if they change the recipe…who knows!

  • Jen

    Modern science had found a very close link to dairy products and breast cancer (as well as other types of cancer). Unfortunately, fo all the good the McCartney’s did for the cause of vegetarianism, they continued to consume animal products in the form of dairy, which is neither healthy nor good for animals. Read the China Study and then RESEARCH the studies references to learn why you should never give a child milk ffrom any animal other than a human and why adults should not drink milk at all. If you care AT ALL about not getting breast cancer or helping the people you love avoid it, reading that book is a small thing to do. You’ll also learn why being genetically predisposed to breast cancer does NOT mean you have to get it, but if you consume dairy, you have a much better chance.