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The political buzz is a stirrin’over John McCain’s vice presidential running mate, Sarah Palin. While the country is pretty much caught up on her lack of government experience, scandalous teenage daughter and oily intentions, one topic that hasn’t been covered so efficiently is her love for hunting. And this isn’t just like a once in a while kind of hunting — no, this is like serious business, shoot em up, go frigin wild kind of hunting.

Newsweek reported that Palin is “a lifelong hunter and strong proponent of Second Amendment rights.” As a member of the NRA, she has been quoted saying, “We hunt as much as we can, and I’m proud to say our freezer is full of wild game we harvested here in Alaska.” And the serial-killing intentions run in the family too! It turns out her own parents had just returned from hunting caribou when they discovered that she had been tapped as Sen. John McCain’s running mate. WOW!

Sounds to me like Mrs. Palin is about 3 seconds away from getting herself a total PETA smackdown. What do you think? Will Palin’s gun fetish turn you into an Obama supporter? Chime in and tell us what you think!

  • Stephanie Williams

    Peta proly won’t get involved in this actually….

    But was was going for Obama from day one, and this just worries me. I’m worried people aren’t going to educate themselves about what she is REALLY about.

    Besides her hunting and fav dish of “moose stew”, wearing fur during speeches, and he being pissed that the Bush admin didn’t REMOVE the polar bear from the E.S.A (so she can kill them? or drill oil? 2 birds with one stone i guess) she is so ANTI CHOICE it makes me sick. She supports “absence only” education which is BULL and obviously didn’t work in her little happy family.

    This ticket scares me as an activist, woman, vegan and human being!! I just hope people REALLY educate themselves on this ticket and what it will mean for the USA….

  • Katie

    Personally? I’d rather that people hunted and ate their own food than buying it in a market. You know that no one is mistreating wild game like domestic cattle/poultry/what-have-you and it’s a lot friendlier on the environment.

    As for Palin, well, that’s a whole different topic. It would take a lot more than gun views to decide my vote.

  • jamie lynn

    i agree with katie on this:

    “Personally? I’d rather that people hunted and ate their own food than buying it in a market…”

    and i agree with stephanie on this:

    “This ticket scares me as an activist, woman, vegan and human being!! I just hope people REALLY educate themselves on this ticket and what it will mean for the USA…”

    my bff says if john mccain wins, she’ll have a nervous breakdown. i’m starting to get there with her…

  • Missy

    This definitely swings my vote. Hunting is so previous century. It should be abolished.

    Too me the whole nomination is fishy, i mean, this lady comes out of nowhere and is a VP nominee. It just doesn’t add up.

  • Feng

    Pro war, pro oil, pro gun, pro hunting, anti-choice,
    pro abstinence only education, pro book-banning (, a creationist and a heartbeat away from the presidency?

    I hope enough people get informed about her.

  • Jack Olmstead

    You guys make me laugh. Have you ever lived in Alaska? Many people there hunt FOR FOOD and WARMTH. It’s a whole different world and lifestyle up there, and unless YOU LIFE THERE, get off the silly “save the animal” routine. Excuse me, but I think that the world should revolve around people and not animals. Don’t get me wrong. I actually am an animal-lover. I just understand priorities.

  • Jack Olmstead

    Pardon the grammatical mistake (I said “life there” and meant to say “live there.”

  • carrie

    Sounds like she can live off the land as the original settlers did for years! Good for her if she has a freezer full of food! She is keeping it local for sure!
    She is bold, and straight forward and the people of Alaska love her, so why can’t we!

  • Lin

    I noticed that all these post come from females. As a lifelong hunter….my hunting ancestors go all the way back to Jamestown……..I say good for Sarah!! Also…..when the bad guys start sneaking into the U.S.and shooting up folks, I want Sarah on my side!! One responsible gun owner is worth a hundred flowery speeches when the chips are down!! But then, who knows, maybe Obamaman can “talk” a killer out of shooting someone.

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  • Johntwo

    Wealthy politicians hunt for food and warmth, and yes, the settlers needed 27 million dollars in earmarks for a town of 5000 to survive.

    It’s today, not 1-200 years ago.

    What utter tools you are.

  • Melissa

    Lets just hate her for the fact that she is pure evil, not that she hunts. Although, I don’t like it, there are more important things to consider.

    What were McCain’s people thinking? Oh wow, look how progressive he is picking a WOMAN. An anti-choice, redneck from Idaho, homophobic white supremacist who enjoys shooting wolves from helicopters. Nice.

    The press is already warming up to her and saying how a woman VP would “break the ceiling”. Know what? I call BS. If a woman gets into office I want it to be a woman who worked hard to get where she is and has experience. Not some soccer mom hand picked by white male republicans. In my opinion she is the political equivalent of a trophy wife.

  • B

    I think this Palin woman is a closed-minded, hypocritical, vile excuse for a citizen. This is just another piece of evidence supporting my opinion.

    As a vegan, I am disgusted by hunting, although I’ve had friends who do so. Would I stop supporting a candidate I agreed with on many important issues simply because of a disagreement on this one? Not likely. Bless Kucinich for trying, but…

    Do I think even less of Palin because she calls herself pro-life and turns around and murders other creatures for the f*ck of it? Yes.

  • jeanruss

    Her stand on the issues is why people should not vote for Palin. She thinks a woman’s body and choices belong to the state. If men were the reproducers, they would think that was absurd! If you aren’t even in charge of your own body, you have no freedom. That said, I wish we would bring into focus the abortion issue. Have a modern discussion about it. With DNA testing. it is now possible to KNOW who has fathered a child. I have always felt that it is primarily a financial issue. I think most women(not all) would keep their babies if they had money to continue a high quality life. If abortion is going to be removed as an option, why not make the funding of these mothers and babies mandatory? Shouldn’t the men and boys who irresponsibly father these babies start to pay for their errors in judgment as well? Why is the woman STILL the only partner held responsible? Should these men and their parents have an insurance fund to support these babies and their mothers? Now that society can PROVE who is the father, doesn’t that change this abortion discussion?

  • Cid Martins (Europe)

    You know, sometimes we are so involved in our issues and problems that we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Most of the times we can’t even see the tunnel and we are completely in the dark! I am sorry, but this is exactly what’s happening in the USA. I mean, here in Europe, most of us have already realized that the best option, by far, for the USA and the rest of the world is Senator Obama! You see, we don’t understand what’s so difficult about it! MacCain is another Bush and Palin is a no one! And the supposedly lack of Obama’s experience is an issue? How dumb is that? Furthermore Palin is a hunter (she approved the slaughter of wolves’ populations in Alaska – and one thing is to hunt your own food, another completely different is to hunt for ‘pleasure'; by the way she also wants to remove polar bears from the endangered species list and she thinks global warming has nothing to do with human actions…dah) and she is a creationist (accordingly to a newspaper I read)!! Do you want someone who believes God created us +/-6000 years ago (going against all scientific data) to govern the USA? She was merely chosen because she is a woman! If I were a woman I would feel insulted by this! You might say the rest of the world has nothing to do with your election! Well, when you stop dictating the world rules and invading foreign defenceless countries (like Iraq – you don’t do anything against Russia invading Georgia, do you? Where is your courage now?), then we won’t care less about what you do! Until then, who will be the next president of the USA is of our concern too! And I can assure you that if now the image of the USA abroad is shattered, wait and see what will happen if MacCain wins – America will be alone! No one will give you any credit! It will be once and for all the end of the USA as we know it! Why do you think Senator Obama was received like a hero in Germany? Because we are not so deeply involved in your problems, we are able to have our minds clear to think straight and truly see who is the best person for the job! And believe me when I tell you that for what I can see, more than 90% of the Europeans choose Senator Obama! Are we all wrong? Or maybe are you being so well brain-washed by fear and lies, that you can’t see something so obvious? Oh and by the way, more than 98% of the Europeans think G. W. Bush is the most pathetic and dumb president the USA has ever had! To us he is a joke!! You have no idea! Is that the image you want your country to have abroad? If it is, then elect MacCain, but then don’t complain about it! Thank you…

  • Guns Save Lives

    Sarah Palin will make a great VP. She already has more experience than the Liberal/Socialist/Marxist Nobama.

  • erin

    Wow how do these right winge nut jobs find this site? It’s amazing. They sure come out when we post about their heroes like Sarah Palin.

    She’s so excited for her son to go off to war on 9/11, her baby is having babies, she’s closed minded. I’m for obama all the way.

    What if Mccain dies and she ends up running the country? I’m definitely leaving if that happens.

  • latrotteuse

    I think there is a huge difference between hunting respectfully for your food and what Sarah Palin is doing, she loves to kill, it’s a sport to her, she is for shooting wolves from airplanes and doesn’t care about the polar bears either.

  • Farkel

    Erin, why wait? Leave now.

    Cid, good luck handling terrorism and the Russians on your own if Obama is elected. Where will you be when the lights go out?

    Jeanruss and others, go ahead and rip as many fetuses from your wombs as you like. The world will be a better place.

    Vegan B, take a look at your teeth. You have canines for a reason, and it’s not for tearing into a big ol’ slab of tofu.

    Many of you might convince me on evolution v. creationisn. You seem to be nothing but accidents of evolution.

  • VeggieTart

    Her hunting for food is one thing, but her support for gunning down wolves from planes is another. Not to mention she was a member of or supported the Alaska Independent Party, which advocates secession. And people question Obama’s patriotism!

    She’s anti-choice, favoring fetuses over actual living animals. She supports abstinence-only miseducation–which certainly worked for her pregnant daughter.

    I think McCain’s choice of Governor Palin is a slap in the face to women who have fought hard to be judged for their merits. There are many women far more qualified than she is, a few of them serving in the U.S. Senate.

    I will vote for a pro-choice man over an anti-choice woman any day of the week.

  • erin

    Hey Fartel … Last I checked we’re closely related to the apes (some of you more than others) who are v e g e t a r i a n s with an all raw diet. So don’t give me the teeth lecture. Hell my cat’s teeth can tear meat a hell of a lot better than a human’s.

    And about the lights going out – I’m sooo sorry you’ve been brainwashed by mainstream media that we have to be more scared of terrorists than global warming. 9’11 was a setup remember? Global warming is real. these hurricanes i see headed at me are real.

    I’m more concerned with getting someone in there who is going to set up solar energy plans like Carter tried to do until Reagan and Bush killed em’ all. Thanks alot you republican retards.

  • fbr

    VeggieTart: Large wolf populations are a big problem in Northern, sparsely populated areas. When the populations grow too large the wolves start to come in contact with the people. There are countless accounts of wolves attacking domestic animals (sheep, cows, dogs) and even children, sometimes for food, sometimes for fun. It would be irresponsible to let this happen. If culling the wolf populations by shooting them from a helicopter is the most efficient way to do this, then so be it.

    erin: How is being brainwashed to be scared of terrorists any different from being brainwashed to be scared of global warming? Sure climate change is real and has been since the dawn of our planet, long before Al Gore turned it into an industry. The fact remains that the climate is far too complex for us to understand what impact our actions could have on it. Anyone telling you that they can understand it, or worse yet can “fix” it, are just after your money.

  • Cid Martins

    Mr. Farkel, you are obviously a ‘man’!
    And a not very intelligent one! Women should have control of their own bodies! If you are ‘pro-life’ then you should instead be in favour of forcing men who get women pregnant, support the child all the way (money and caring for them)! Oh, and I am a man too, although an intelligent one!
    Regarding the so called terrorism, it was during the bush administration that we witnessed the horror of 9/11! Actually if you look back, recently, under bush father you were at war, during bush son you suffered the 9/11 and ARE at war! Your deficit is huge! Your asses belong to china! And you depend on the Arabs for oil! You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out! And if you were an informed, intelligent person you would know Puttin (prime minister of Russia) stated it was the bush administration that incited Georgia to start this conflict and he also said bush did it so MacCain would benefit from it! You see, in Europe we get the real news… Apparently that’s not what happens in the USA. You are so well brain washed and don’t even realize it! Now I am beginning to understand why there are people over there who still support MacCain and palin!
    And the lights won’t go out here because Europe is determined to free itself from fossil fuels! And because we don’t go and stick our dicks in someone else’s deserts for their oil, we are not targets – that only happens if we support America!
    Evolution vs. creationism… come on! Have you ever heard of archaeology? There are thousands of settlements and remains from civilisations long before 6000 b.C. Have you ever heard of carbon 14?
    And I have been a vegetarian for 11 years and am as healthy as a person can be! We don’t need meat or fish at all!
    And last, if MacCain wins, Europe will stop being an ally of yours because if he does win we will consider the Americans to be the stupidest people on this planet! Trust me on this one! And then you should all worry, because we will not help you when you suffer more terrorist attacks! Then I want to know what an old, decrepit man and an inexperienced fool like palin will do to save your asses!
    I rest my case! Your future fate depends on who wins this election! Choose wisely… vote Obama and Europe will be behind you… vote MacCain and we will despise you!!!

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  • erin

    Cid Martins, Can I just say that you’re the coolest ever? You even make me re think moving to Europe (my biological mum lives there- but she’s in Switzerland and it’s sooooo cooooold!)

  • Melissa

    fbr: Ya, 100’s of scientists MUST be wrong. Those crazies. ::rolls eyes::

    “Sarah Palin has supported aerial hunting since taking office despite the fact that the National Academy of Sciences, the National Research Council, the American Society of Mammalogists, and more than 120 other scientists have called for a halt to the program, citing its lack of scientific justification and despite opposition from many hunters who see it as violating the sportsmen’s ethic of fair chase. Palin in 2007 even proposed offering a bounty of $150 per wolf, as long as the hunter provided the wolf’s foreleg as proof of the kill. And just earlier this year, she introduced legislation to expand the program and derail a scheduled August 2008 citizens’ vote on the issue. The bounty was determined to violate the state’s constitution and her legislation failed.”

  • Lynnae

    This woman scares the crap out of me and I hope her and McCain aren’t elected.

    Unfortunately Obama hasn’t won my vote either because of this on his website:
    Apparently he’s also for expanding hunting and fishing (not as bad as she is of course) and educating our youth about it…not stopping it. This is why I will most likely vote Green Party.

  • fbr

    Melissa: “Ya, 100’s of scientists MUST be wrong. Those crazies.”

    That’s called “proof by consensus” and it’s not a valid proof nor an argument. You might be surprised that people calling themselves “scientists” are only human. They make mistakes, seek comfort in the false security of consensus, and are swayed by the media. When you dig into these “X scientists say that…” arguments, you often find that the scientists in question are from completely unrelated fields and generally have very little clue about what they’re supposedly advocating. The much publicized UN climate study is a great example of this.

  • Oliver

    Currently, the Republican Party thinks that an offensive on war is the way to go. George Bush said it himself at the convention. He believes that attacking someone else first is the way to prevent future wars. This is the philosophy of the Republican Party. What this does is enrage other nations, and spreads further terrorism. This is not the answer.
    Obama is level headed, and he will work with the leaders of other countries, rather than against them. We might not like these leaders, but the people of those nations either elected them or keep them in power, so we have no choice but to work with them.
    And I do believe that if necessary, Obama will defend our great country. That’s exactly what J.F. Keneddy did.
    The conservative right is so offended that Obama said that when times are bad, they hold onto their religion and their guns! BUT THIS IS SO TRUE, AND THIS IS SO RIGHT!

  • Oliver

    Sorry, I meant to say, “THIS IS SO TRUE, and OBAMA IS SO RIGHT!”

  • Oliver

    There was no mention of the economy, gas prices, lost jobs, etc., at the Republican convention. That is because the Republicans have no answer to the country’s problems.
    WHEN OBAMA SAID, “JOHN McCAIN DOESN’T GET IT,” – He could not be more right!
    Being a war hero does not necessarily make you ready to lead a country.

  • Fern

    To all those against climate change science this and that: Why fight it?

    Honestly, why not embrace that it’s a possibility. The world will be a much better place off as a result. Who cares if what Al Gore is preaching is this big, giant, “Oooh” conspiracy? Who cares if he makes million and millions? I really don’t — because it’s a much better policy to tackle such a “what if” than to just sit on our hands and go about business as usual.

    And just what is “business as usual”? It’s pollution, it’s fossil fuels, it’s poisoning our rivers, it’s promoting an unsustainable lifestyle without investing in technologies and education to mold our society towards a future that’s not filled with question marks in terms of resources and supply.

    Global warming/climate change — it’s one giant umbrella over all of these issues. Tackle it — and you’re combating all of environmental problems plaguing mankind under one roof. Deny it, and everything is left in piecemeal and stuck in the inevitable red tape and bickering that’s currently preventing this country from leading. Instead, we’re bitching.

    The good news? Regardless of the last 8 years, the new administration — Republican or Democrat — will push ahead the issue of climate change and what to do about it. The time of stagnation and tip-toeing around action due to the dissenting views of a few is over.

  • Melissa

    fbr: They are not scientists from unrelated fields. Please do your research. But I am done on this article. I don’t even know where you people come from.

  • Farkel

    Erin, how’s you cat doing on the raw veggie diet?

    Oliver, let’s not forget Kennedy’s Bay of Pigs or Vietnam.

    Cid, Europe does still use oil, no? If not, congratulations. You must have discovered how to lubricate with the dried-up perspiration for which you’re so famous.

    Seriously, where do you think your oil comes from, and through what nations? Until recently, Russia had a (near) monopoly on oil into Europe from the east. Then, golly, a pipeline through Georgia opened up, and golly, the Russians did such a great job with the first one, they thought they should control the second one as well. Good luck with that.

    By the way, Cid, is Europe now a nation, or have you given up any sense of nationality you may have had, in favor of neo-socialist ways?

  • Cid Martins

    Erin, thank you… :)

    Fbr, recently (a few months ago) hundreds of scientists gathered in an international conference (again, apparently news from the rest of the world – yeah there is much more out there besides the USA – don’t reach your country…) and yes they agreed, from all the evidences out there, drastic climate change is happening (and at a faster rate than expected) due to human activity. Now you can bury your head in the sand and deny it or you can do something to smooth the effects, which will happen no matter what. The only thing we can do about it is try to make them less intense. But hey are here to stay… draughts, floods, stronger hurricanes, loss of crops…

    Farkel, farkel… How can I put this? Have you ever heard of valid arguments? Didn’t think so! First of all, cats are carnivorous… Or would you also like me, as a proud vegetarian, to make lions for instance become vegetarian?
    Yes, Europe still does use oil! Yes I know where it’s coming from… And yes Russia is a big problem for us as the middle east is for you! There are no perfect nations and even less, perfect politicians.
    But the difference is that at least in Europe we are ready to face the facts and fight global warming… And by the way… does the Kioto protocol ring a bell? The USA was the main responsible for the failure of this protocol! Right now the only thing you lead is war… I would honestly love to see that great nation become a peaceful and greener country instead of continuing to be a belligerent one…

    And no, I haven’t lost my sense of Nationality and neither have my fellow Europeans – I am Portuguese (from Portugal – when you cross the Atlantic it’s the first country of the European continent, just before Spain!).

    I am replying to your provocations (if I can even call them that…so weak) because I am having fun with this… you are so easy… lack of common sense, going against scientific evidences, contradicting yourself and no real arguments… I only hope you are not the average American ’cause if you are, then ‘The Simpsons’ portray your culture extremely well! But I don’t want to believe that. Please prove me wrong… You know, Americans aren’t very appreciated around here (Europe), mainly because of bush, but I’m always sticking up for you guys… But if MacCain wins, then unfortunately I will have to throw the towel…

  • Farkel

    Sorry, Cid, I don’t usually provoke on purpose, but it was you who first insulted me. Let’s make an attempt at civility. I’m sure Obama would approve!

    I cannot deny that the US has become entirely too dependent on foreign oil. Our size necessitates transportation, and today’s transportation still runs on oil. In case the news hasn’t crossed the big pond, our Republican president has been dealing with a power-hungry Democrat Congress and Senate that have refused to act on any kind of energy policy. They have stalled for three years or more, hoping to control both the legislative and executive branches, thereby also being able to control the makeup of the judiciary. There is only so much a President can do, and there should be only so much blame placed upon him.

    That said, of course there have been disappointing moments. The invasion of Iraq may have been a mistake, may even have been based on trumped-up evidence. (I don’t believe that.) But, if you remember, the UN was on-board, as were several other countries who joined in the fight to depose Hussein. The disappointment was in lack of foresight. We needed an end-game, a way out, a finish line, and for a long time we didn’t have one. As for withdrawing from Iraq, there’s not enough difference between McCain and Obama to stoke an argument.

    Global warming… The dispute has to do with whether human activity has had a meaningful impact, or whether global warming is more, much more, a matter of periodic climate change due to activity on the sun. I tend toward the latter, and I’m not alone. I also tend to think that, just maybe, those hundreds of scientists didn’t get a free trip to ‘wherever’, for the ‘whatever’ conference, because they disagreed with the alarmists. I can’t help but wonder how many of those scientists are employed by or receive grant money from CFL and wind turbine manufacturers.

    That’s enough for now. It’s time for me to go watch McCain’s nomination acceptance speech. Good night to you.

  • fbr

    Cid: It does not matter how emphatically you repeat the proof by consensus, it’s still completely invalid. I’m not going to repeat my argument, you can read it above. And please stop acting like you speak for all of Europe – I’m a European and you certainly don’t speak for me.

    As a side note, in these debates you’ll find much better source than

  • Cid Martins

    And we continue :)

    Farkel: “Jeanruss and others, go ahead and rip as many fetuses from your wombs as you like. The world will be a better place.” – That seems quite insulting to me… Even though I am a man, I didn’t like that statement! One thing is to joke with serious matters, another is insulting someone because you disagree with him/her!

    Ok, truce let’s be civil to each other…

    The majority of scientists (including the UN panel – do they work for wind turbine manufacturers too?) have already agreed that this drastic climate change is due to human activity. No matter whether you read the news in,, newspapers or watch it on TV, the majority agrees on this one! They have proofs, for crying out loud! The global temperature data, the Arctic ice data and so on… It all points to the exponential rising of temperature beginning since the industrial revolution… If you don’t want to believe evidences, go ahead and blame it on the sun (not moon)… By the way you don’t think the over hunting and fishing, the pollution, the extinction of species, deforestation…it’s a natural thing too do you?
    And again farkel, you are insulting an entire community of scientists by accusing them of being on the payroll of alternative energies’ companies… If you don’t agree with them, trash them… You know that seems to be the republican strategy… sorry… that’s what it seems to me!

    Regarding the Iraq invasion (they didn’t find any weapons of massive destruction did they?), it had the support of your allies because that’s what allies do, they stick together. But even the strongest alliances can end! When the leader is wrong and constantly drags the others into the ‘pit’, there will come a day when they say ENOUGH! You’re on your own!

    The energy policy… I heard Bush say he is in favour of drilling in the American shores… You know, you don’t set up an oil rig in one day and start drilling in the next! It takes years to actually start drilling! And nuclear is the ‘same’ – and it’s not pollution free; what about the radioactive residues? They can be treated but not neutralised! What about the billions USA is spending every week in Iraq? Now, if you gather all that money along with the existing technology, you could invest massively in clean renewable energies! It’s as simple as that! Wind, solar, geothermal, tidal… quick, clean, abundant and cheaper! I mean, where’s the difficulty in understanding this? Why do you think auto companies are investing billions in developing hybrids and electric cars? Because they know oil is limited and that drilling for oil will become increasingly expensive! Are they wrong too?

    You see, all the evidences are out there… the truth is out there :)
    It only takes a bit of common sense, an open mind, a clear head and think for ourselves, to change our future for the better!

    Just one more thing… Fbr tell me something about your country…
    Oh, and I never mentioned I was speaking in the name of Europe… I’m not that arrogant or delusional :)
    But that the majority of Europeans think bush is a ****, that is true! And that most people have already realised climate change is a reality that is true as well! Maybe I live in a ‘different’ Europe from yours Fbr… or in a different planet…

    I would just like everyone to respect each other, animals and nature… whether climate change is real or not, whether you are politically, religiously, ethnically, socially, culturally,economically and sexually different or not!!!

    Is that too much to ask? I guess it is!!!

  • fbr

    Cid: Let me address some of the points you raised.

    First, like I stated before, it is completely irrelevant what the majority of scientists believe. It’s not an argument that has any weight. It’s an argument often used by main stream media but no serious scientist will ever say that “X is true because majority of scientists believe so”.

    Second, you think there are some “proofs” about the human impact on the climate system. This is simply not true. There are countless theories though. You point out the record of rising temperatures during the industrialization. What you have shown here is a historical correlation. Historical correlations prove nothing, correlation does not imply causation. Global temperature also correlates strongly with the world’s pirate population, as well as very strongly with the Sun’s activity (more strongly than with CO2 emissions for example).

    Third, yes I do happen to think that hunting, fishing, deforestation and extinction of species is natural. The vast majority of the species that have ever existed on this planet have gone extinct. And this has happened long before our species ever walked on the planet. Continuous change is the nature of our little planet. Ice ages have come and gone, deserts grown and shrunk, CO2 levels risen and fallen, species evolved and gone extinct. It’s only recently we’ve got the strange idea that we are the main cause of it all.

  • Mouse

    What the fricking hell is going on, when I can’t come get my daily fix of eco-celebrity gossip without encountering the rantings of a dozen anti-environmental, anti-humane commenters?? You know what the premise of this blog is. It seems clear you are not interested in being open minded but instead just come here to proselytize—— go back to your own blogs, people!

  • fbr

    Mouse, the whole point of an open comment system is to bring in different view points. This works as long as people state their case through logical arguments instead of name calling and ad-hominem attacks. Telling people to leave the blog so that you don’t need to see arguments against your own position is the very definition of being closed minded.

  • Todd Collins

    What a great pick Sarah is. No wonder the socialist left hates her so much. She represents the evil word socialists hate…FREEDOM

  • mph

    It’s so good to hear what the Europeans are saying… they are saying OBAMA/BIDEN is the choice of intelligence and 98% of them believe that. If we vote for McCain/Palin (another 4 years of Bushism), we have lost all credibility in the world. This is surely the END OF EMPIRE. I bet half of the McCain lovers have never set foot outside of the U.S. Luckily I have dual citizenship and can muse from afar.

  • Wendy

    I love animals, I want do all I can to help the environment, including getting away from petroleum products and plastics that are destroying the planet. So Sarah Palin disgusts me. I would never vote for her just because she is a woman. I abhor her gun toting, animal slaughtering, oil promoting ways. I pray her and McCain do not got into office.

  • dbethanne

    I just want to tone it down a bit and bring it back to Melissa, because, well she says it all IMO!:
    “Lets just hate her for the fact that she is pure evil, not that she hunts. Although, I don’t like it, there are more important things to consider.

    What were McCain’s people thinking? Oh wow, look how progressive he is picking a WOMAN. An anti-choice, redneck from Idaho, homophobic white supremacist who enjoys shooting wolves from helicopters. Nice.

    The press is already warming up to her and saying how a woman VP would “break the ceiling”. Know what? I call BS. If a woman gets into office I want it to be a woman who worked hard to get where she is and has experience. Not some soccer mom hand picked by white male republicans. In my opinion she is the political equivalent of a trophy wife.”

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  • Scout

    A top Alaskan biologist Rick Steiner said that Governor Sarah Palin’s Wildlife and environmental record is “abysmal”. Even her running mate John McCain doesn’t agree with most of her environmental views.

    Ms. Palin supports oil and gas drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and doesn’t believe that global warming is caused by humans (which John McCain disagrees with).

    And as everyone’s stated: Sarah Palin supports the barbaric and inhumane practice of aerial hunting of wolves and bears and has offered a bounty of $150 for each front leg of the wolves which were killed!

    Also, Sarah Palin is trying to take both the Polar Bear and the Beluga Whale off the Endangered Species List (so that they can both be hunted) since she thinks that they’re getting in the way of more arctic oil drilling! Even the Bush Administration wants to keep both the Polar Bear and the Beluga Whale on the Endangered Species List unlike Sarah Palin.

    Ms. Palin tries to make herself out as being this compassionate Pro-life supporter and wants to outlaw abortion even in the cases of rape and incest. From what I’ve read about her, she’s a very heartless and cruel person who doesn’t give a damn about either Alaska’s wildlife nor environment!

    If John McCain wins this election there’s a good chance (given his age (72) and 4 bouts of melanoma) that Sarah Palin could become the U.S. President and the leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world. When this happens, we’ll have to say goodbye to our wildlife, environment, freedom of choice, medical technology and so much more!

    Sarah Palin is a cruel right wing extremist and doesn’t deserve to be in the White House!

  • Jane

    Sarah is the great white hope!!!! She does not have to be smart or have any real experience. The Republican jocks have a mascot — a pit bull who wears lipstick. Wake up Sarah this is not a stepping stone up for you — you are being pimped out.

  • rosi

    Reply to Lynnae –

    PLEASE, please vote for Obama. I know what you are saying, but if Obama doesn’t get elected, we will have crazy Sarah running the country and she’ll kill all the animals. She’s cruel and vicious.

    Obama is trying to appease the hunters and sportsmen. But, anyone is better than Machine-gun Sarah.


  • drew

    I find too many fatal problems with all 4 candidates.

    I simply have no one I can vote for.

    This is an awful election.

    And yes, this devil woman is a horror regarding animals. I want her GONE.

  • Ella

    I believe if people like Sarah hunt for the “sport” of it and because they get their kicks out of it is very wrong. I am sure she kills or just wounds far more animals than she consumes. Getting support from the Riffle Association is helping her move along, just like the oil buddies are “helping” her out and MvCain now too. She is corrupt and and dishonest. Does anybody think she would jump on the ticket to help parents with “speceial need” children if she did not get one now herself? I do not think so, she still does not care much about the others and their needs, but uses her baby now as a ticket to get more votes. To sad that so many people will fall for this theatrical performance. She is ice cold and has some really strange views she like to dictate to other people. If she likes religion that is fine, but keep it out of politics, just remember the dark ages, it does not mix well.

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  • gorgegirl

    Rejoice fellow americans and true patriots, palin the speaking in tounges, redneck, gun toting, soccer mom, with her alkaholic (rather good looking) husband did NOT win this election, even though they tried to fix it. Oh yeah, as the song goes (re bush) Ding dong the wicked witch is dead, well at least the admin is on Jan 20th… something to actually say thank god for!

  • gorgegirl

    god bless America now that bush incorporated is voted out of office

    forgot to mention, did anybody here know that Joe the plumber was actually a founding member of the natural law party that supported dennis kucinch, definitely not republicans…. funny.

  • http://idk BOB

    guys like girls who like guns