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bill nye

TheDailyGreen has posted a great interview with Bill Nye The Science Guy on his new TV show for Planet Green, his rivarly with Ed Begley Jr., and why climate change skeptics deserve less of a voice than we currently give them. Here are some highlights:

On some of his Eco Sins:

Yeah, I am working all the time on my own vampire load. All the electricity we use to keep TVs on standby, fax machines, cell phones. Tivo’s a big load. Traditional environmentalists want you to do less, drive less, wear dirty clothes and if possible, don’t eat. But that’s not what people want. We want to live the way people in the developed world do but find ways to do more with less.

On Climate Change skeptics:

Our scientific community has allowed people without very strong evidence to degrade the threat of climate change or assert that climate change is not as serious as it is. And then, in interest of “balanced reporting,” we’re allowing both sides to be equal, but you’re talking about thousands of scientists who believe in climate change versus a handful of skeptics. My criticism of the scientific community is that we have not been strident enough.

Which is better: Solar or Wind Power?

Solar panels for sure, for a person at home. Wind turbines for home use are hard to make economically rewarding because you have to build them at too low an altitude. This kid, Chris Columbus, or Master in Commander Jack Aubrey if you prefer … these guys came up with the idea that the highest you are off the sea surface, the harder the wind blows. The idea of a tall ship is to get up there where the wind blows hard. So for home use, you need to get your turbine up unrealistically high.

For the rest of the fantastic interview, jump on over to TheDailyGreen here!

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