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Last week, we gave you LUNA bars. This week, we’re going full throttle with some awesome gift boxes from Clif Bar.

For those of you not familiar with the company, Clif Bar is a perfect example of a business that not only provides high-quality food stuffs with a large amount of organic ingredients (and vegan options), but also gives back to the planet through environmental initiatives and other campaigns. In fact, this year marked the second anniversary of The Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge, which encourages people to bike on trips totaling two miles or less to help fight climate change. In fact, you can sign up at their 2 Mile Challenge website and keep pace with others helping to do their part. So far this summer, over 59,000 tons of C02 has been saved from entering the atmostphere!

Today, we’re giving away 1 box (18 packs) of Clif Kid Twisted Fruit Mixed Berry, 1 box of Clif Bar Oatmeal Raisin Walnut (12 bars), and 1 box of Mojo Dipped Peanut Butter & Jelly (12 bars). Want to enter? Just leave a comment below telling us how you’re greening your transportation and how Clif bar might give you the extra energy to get there. Complete rules and giveaway details are available here.

Also, don’t forget! The giveaway for the Chivas Skin Care gift pack is still happening! Enter to win here!

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  • Mary Jenkins

    i love clif bars. i am probably partially responsible for the company’s success with as many as i’ve eaten over the years! we are a 1 car family. my hubby rides his bike to work when weather permits. and i mostly just tote my baby around on foot around my neighborhood. we save lots of fuel that way! i need clif bars so i can keep up with my kid!

  • Hil’Lesha

    I’ve been greening my transportation by driving less. It all works out since I work at home. I mostly get out when I need to get groceries.

  • Thea Rose

    I am riding my bike to work…it actually saves me time on the way home I zip past the traffic :)

  • Elizabeth M.

    I think it’s important to eat something before you exert energy so a Clif bar would be perfect for me right before I go run errands (literally.) I live just a few tenths of a mile from the bank, grocery store, drug store, and post office so I have either been running up there or walking up there lately to conserve on gas.

  • Jenny R.

    I’m a hypermiler and the hubbie’s riding his bike to work! Clif Bars would be great fuel to keep us going!

  • Kelli

    We’ve been greening our transportation. For the last 5 months our family of five has been car free. I wish I could say it was completely by choice, but it was by necessity. Luckily we live in a walkable neighborhood. I know my kids could use the extra energy for some of those longer treks!

  • leftofemma

    I’ve been walking to some places in my neighborhood and taking more time to plan my errands if I do take my car. Clif Bars keep me fueled on the go when a vegan meal isn’t readily available .

  • Marie

    Perfect thing to keep me going on the fitness challenge my coworkers are launching. go team trisha!

  • tree

    Yummy Cliff bars! i live in the mountains, and only drive into town about once every other week. i love walking in the evening with my kids. i just got a mountain bike of freecycle and am going to need some extra energy to get in enough shape to ride it around here.

  • MissAlyssa

    Love regular clif bars…cant wait to try mojo dipped and twisted fruit! how exciting!

  • hockeyMom

    I drive my son to ice hockey practices/games in our hybrid. We both could use some extra energy for the road!
    Our Labor Day tourney had Cliff Mojo Dipped bars in his bag – this could be one factor in our winning the banner for our rink!

  • Sara

    Great snacks! My husband and I have both limited our transportation by working from home. Our small town doesn’t have a very good public transportation system, so we try to combine errands into as few trips as possible and we limit unnecessary trips.

  • erin

    I would like some Cliff bars please. I would like to throw them off a cliff in front of George Bush and see if he goes jumping after them…. woof


  • Peggy

    I love Cliff bars. Not sure why I stopped buying them.

  • Sally

    I do not own a car period. I haven’t had one for 8 years. I walk, take public transportation, and convince people to carpool.

  • shannon

    bring on the Clif bars! honestly, i usually just buy the ClifKID bars when i want a sweet snack that’s more natural but am craving cookies or the like.

  • Melynda

    I work at home, thus no commuting. And we are lucky enough to live in a small town where we can walk and ride our bikes everywhere. We also shop at the Farmer’s Market which means less transportation for the food.

  • Rachelle

    I take the city bus everywhere…Gimme these bars so I can share them with the other passengers. LOL!

  • Becky

    I have “greened” my commute to work by taking the bus and no longer driving. It’s only a 4 mile drive, that would take about 10 minutes by car. But with the bus stopping on EVERY BLOCK, my commute now takes 30 mins and I’m surrounded by some pretty strange people (usually smelling of booze and cigarettes). But I do it for the earth — and some Clif Bars suuuuure would make the trip more enjoyable! :)

  • Leo

    Got to love Clif Bars – unfortunately I got to trek all the way to Trader Joes to get them.

  • Elise

    i live next to my work, a grocery store, and a small shopping district. so i am walking everywhere i go. i am a poor college student so i can’t afford to buy a bike right now so i am left to my own two feet. Clif Bars would help to re-energize me, and i love them!

  • marie

    Cliff bars come in handy when I travel by train – breakfast, lunch and dinner. That is all you need – three ‘square’ meals a day!

  • Lilian

    I live in Philly and take SEPTA everyday to work! Green is definitely the new black…

  • hazel

    i’m greening my transportation by carpooling, cliff bars might make a nice very easy breakfast while running out the door trying not to be late

  • Kristen

    We green our transportation by telecommuting. i have worked from home for 5.5 yrs and my husband has for 3 years.

    We also sold our 6 cylinder minivan this year and downsized to a 4 cylinder sedan.

    Yum clif bars!

  • kisah jackson

    I don’t own a car, so clif would certainly give me the energy to get to the bus stop, walk, and bike to where I needed to go.

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  • Vegan Nutritionista

    I live in a very un-eco-friendly city, Nashville. It’s one of the most sprawling cities in the country, has little public transportation, and my errands tend to be across town. I try not to drive unless I really, really have to, and then I try to carpool. Also, it sounds simple, but I make sure to do all my errands in one area and won’t make a random trip to that area unless I stock up several things to do there.

  • Sharyn

    I started working from home so now I barely use my car! But certainly could use some Cliff Bars to energize me for the gym.

  • Mouse

    I’d be ever so pleased to win this — I love Clif!

  • Dave Newray

    I am fortunate enough to have train service from where I live to San Francisco. I am able to eat my cliff bar on the train and it gives me added energy to get to my office once off the train.