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We feature Pink a lot here on Ecorazzi…and for good reasons. Between her work as an animal advocate and environmental supporter, Pink proves time and time again that she has Mother Earth’s best interest at heart.

Most recently, Pink confessed that she would rather adopt than give birth. Her reason: there are too many people in the world already. Pink told Star Magazine: “I don’t know if I need to have my own (children). I rescue dogs, so I would probably rescue kids. I feel like with global warming and all, why produce more? Foster parent. Adoption.”

If Pink did decide to adopt she would be joining celebrity moms like Calista Flockhart, Sheryl Crow, Michelle Pfeiffer, Edie Falco and many more who have all made the decision to enjoy parenthood without adding to the growing population.

To find out more about adoption, visit!

  • The Science Commenter

    She should start a competiton with Angelina Jolie…Who can bring the most countries into their homes through adoption…seriously though, that’s a great idea. I’ve always liked Pink and glad to hear she’s cool like that!

  • Adoptee

    Ugh. she just went down in my opinion. I thought she was keen on the well-being of children. Adoption is child abuse and sub-human emotional bondage.

  • WTF


    Adoption is a wonderful answer to giving people a chance to have a loving, caring, family they otherwise wouldn’t have. If you’re adopted and you’re bitter, that’s your problem. (Sounds like you’ve got your share of problems) I know lots of adopted people who absolutely love it!

  • Friend of Adoptee (different one)

    I’ve known a few adoptees that were perfectly happy being a “true” member of the family. Maybe adoption can be done in good and bad ways. I’m not familiar with the “sub-human” or “child abuse” of adoption.

  • Friend of Adoptee (different one)

    +1 to adoptions being good

    I’m sure there maybe situations where adoptions haven’t worked out well. I seriously doubt it is because of any inherent flaw in the concept of raising non-blood-relation children as your own.

  • erin- who is an adoptee too

    Dear Adoptee,

    I am also adopted (at 2 months old) My adoptive parents are absolutely wonderful giving people (still married) After finding my birthmother and her family (however successful they were) I realized they weren’t ready to raise a child and how fortunate I was I’d been placed for adoption instead. my parents gave me a wonderful home and childhood!

    Granted, there is a waiting list for babies (as there was when i was born too) But there are many older children who would love to be adopted in this country (and abroad) If Pink were to do that I would only hold her in a higher regard than I already do.

    I’m sorry your experience was bad. Perhaps anger at your adopted (or birth?) parents… But lots of us have had good experiences.

  • Stella

    Please see the website >

    Many thanks.

  • Quandra Jones

    I am astounded by the bitterness of the above post. I am an adoptive mother and treasure my child in ways my narcissistic biological mother never ever did. If I had the choice to be raised by my bio mom versus a loving adoptive mom, I would choose adoption in a heartbeat!

    I am almost 50 and still suffer from low self esteem because my bio mom didn’t want to parent a second child and was ill equipped emotionally to do so.

    Perhaps every adoptive parent isn’t as loving, but be careful about generalizations that lump all adoptive or biological parents into one category. Some bio and adoptive parents were meant to parent, and some due to the timing in their lives or their personalilities, made the right decision to place their child for adoption.

    I’m sorry your personal experience was otherwise.

  • Rick

    The hair dye she uses probably creates more of a “carbon footpint” than having a baby. There are not too many people. There are too many rich globalists spreading nonsense about “carbon footprints” for their agenda of population control. Pink should just off herself, thus eliminating her “carbon footprint” all together.

  • quandra jones


    That was a nasty thing to say and completely irrelevant to this conversation.

    Comments like that pollute our thinking and the internet bandwith.