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Susan Sarandon says Hillary Clinton turned into a “blamer and whiner” after Clinton’s failed campaign for the Democratic nomination. During an interview with The Advocate, Susan was asked if she would play as Hillary if a movie about the politician’s life were to be made.

No. I’ve been around her and don’t find her… At this point, to say after what’s happened to her campaign and how they squandered all that money and all the different reasons her campaign fell apart, to blame it on sexism, I find so destructive to every young girl who dreams about making a difference through government. Instead of saying, “Look how far I’ve gotten and you can do it too,” and all the positive things she could have done, she’s turned into such a blamer and whiner, as if that was the reason… – The Advocate

She went on to comment that she found it “dishonorable” and “destructive to young women all over” for Clinton to have blamed the failed campaign on sexism.

A bright spot in the interview? When asked if Barack Obama could actually win the election, she responded “Why wouldn’t he be able to win?” Right on, Susan. Right on.

Now it’s time to turn it over to you. What do you think? Do you think her comments on Hillary Clinton are off base? Right on target? Sound off!

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  • Stephanie

    I am a former Hillary supporter turned Obama supporter. The only thing that makes me want Obama to lose is knowing that Susan Sarandon said she would leave the country if he did.

    The truth is that Hillary has never actually blamed her loss on sexism. Ever. She has never once said that.

    And what is destructive to young women is their inability to recognize how sexism shaped the negative and false ideas about who Hillary Clinton is in the first place– which, by the way, played a large role in how and why Hillary chose the strategy that cost her the race. So, yes, sexism did play a role in her loss. It doesn’t really take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

    People like Ms. Sarandon need to stop letting the press do their thinking for them and pay attention to what has actually been said and by whom.

  • Rachelle

    Have to agree with Stephanie here…as a politico, I watched every single debate (Dem and GOP) as a Hillary Supporter (now Barack Obama supporter) and not once did she play the gender card (Katie Couric did however). Hillary was strong and capable til the end…and sure she was disappointed with losing…who wouldn’t be? But she did NOTHING to set women or feminism backwards. Susan turns me off when she makes misguided comments like these…cuz SHE sounds like the whiner.

  • PGM

    Clinton campaign architect Mark Penn on requests that they make Hillary appear more “human”: “Being human is overrated.”

    There are lots of reasons the Clinton campaign failed:
    • Choosing to go with very poor campaign advice (^)
    • not preparing to still have a race after Super Tuesday
    • poor electoral strategy (not knowing about TX caucuses or how CA apportioned delegates until late (!!!))
    • former Pres. Clinton going off message
    • and, maybe the biggest, designing finance strategy around outmoded (and limited) high-dollar establishment contribs

    None of these shortcomings had anything to do with sexism or her being a woman. Certain surrogates and bitter Hillary supporters HAVE promulgated the “Hill lost because of sexism” meme. Are they serious? I guess we can look to see if they’re defending Sarah Palin tooth-and-nail in the coming weeks.

  • Ellie

    I think Susan Sarandon displays her utter ignorance and stupidity by making these ridiculous comments. Hillary Clinton has not blamed her loss on sexism. Period. That’s the type of untrue statement that really gets the blood boiling of many Clinton supporters. I hope Barack loses and Sarandon takes a plane elsewhere. I think she’s a jealous woman with some serious issues. I’m sure Hillary won’t even acknowledge the igorant comment with a reply. For Susan Sarandon to not admit that sexism exists, particularly within the media, is ridiculous. No one has said that Hillary lost because of sexism itself or sexism alone. That is a wrong statement. But I think it’s obvious that sexism played a major roll in how the media portrayed Hillary as well as how her opponents campaigned against her. I think it’s obvious there were issues inside her campaign that caused bigger problems, but I think her campaign brought major focus to the fact that sexism and gender inequality definitely still exist and needs to be addressed BIG TIME. Go live elsewhere Susan, as your not wanted here. Your movies all suck anyway, and you’re trying to get attention with this nonsense. Let’s all hope it doesn’t work. Good day.

  • PGM

    So.. wait, is that just hyperbole? Or are Ellie (and maybe Stephanie) really hoping for Obama to lose? Were you Hillary fans because of Hillary – or because of the issues?

    If this is really the case (and I have a hard time believing that it is), then I hope your righteous indignation will be enough to comfort the rest of us when the party that chants “drill! drill! drill!” wins another 4 years in the White House.

  • KNSat

    Hillary lost because she and her short-sighted campaign failed to compete in the caucus states. Obama built up an insurmountable electoral college lead by March, long before her campaign woke up. I was offended by intimations made by some women that the Obama campaign was “stealing” the election from her. With the majority of voters being women, and the biggest single group of voters being white woman, it’s ludicrous to say that sexism was a major factor in her loss. There definitely was SOME sexism, but she was savvy enough to turn it to her advantage, rather than the other way around.

  • Paulie

    Hey Susan, here’s an idea: why not go after Sarah Palin rather than someone on our side? Idiot.

  • Su Jay

    RIGHT ON!!!

  • Cricket

    Say Amen for Sarandon! Hillary needs to stop making pouting about a failed campaign strategy (directed by men) and get out and forcefully support Obama, if she is truely interested in promoting the causes she claims to care about! What did Hillary mean by stating that Palin would add an “important new voice” to the debate! Palin is a right-wing politician who would turn back the clock on choice, gun control, and separation of church and state. Can you imagine the Supreme Court appointees??? No Palin, No way! Say it loud and say it proud, Hillary!!!

  • Eco-Echo

    Susan Sarandon thinks clean coal and nuclear energy are righteous energy alternatives?? Cause that’s what Obama and McCain are both pushing. I know she’s liberal but that isn’t a guarantee of green living, after all lots of liberals and liberal celebrities have mcmansions and drive SUVs without a blink of an eye. It seems hypocritical of a green website to be pushing Obama – he, as everyone can see, is the same old same old, repackaged. You should be supporting Nader or or the Green Party/Cynthia McKinney. They are the only candidates that aren’t run by corporations.
    Another thing, Hilary Clinton is great. And statistically speaking, according to Johns Hopkins, sexism had everything to do with her not getting the nomination.
    I prefer getting my information from reputable sources. ;-)

  • Eco-Echo

    Here’s a link regarding sexism and the Democratic Primaries:

    Is sexism so widely accepted in this socially backward country that women just take it without even realizing it?
    Is the following acceptable from ANYONE? Where’s the outrage?:

    “Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?” [John]McCain asked guests at a Senate Republican fundraiser in 1998, when Clinton was 18. “Because her father is Janet Reno,” the Clinton administration’s attorney general. McCain “formally apologized” to President Bill Clinton, the Arizona Republic reported then.

    Here’s the link to the entire article:

  • Elizabeth Burke


    Why would anyone care what you have to say regarding Senator Clinton. You can’r\t hold a candle to her. Go make a movie and this time a good one. Your best when you are reading prepared lines for you. You fairweather Hillary supporter.

  • Pam Stephen

    Hillary lost because she seemed less likeable as the campaign went on and her husband undermined her with his Alpha Male personality. Could you imagine Obama trying to get any work done while dealing with that ego package? No wonder he didn’t tap her for VP.

  • Jason

    Well, I have lost all respect for her now. Hillary has not once blamed her loss solely on sexism. Sure sexism is one factor into her not winning (the biggest factor is Obama having Queen Oprah’s endorsement. That pretty much secured his win) but she never once said it was the reason she lost.

    If Susan wants to spout off lies, let it be against people who know a thing or two about lies so she can roll with the right crowd. But Hillary is about listening to the truth of what people want-affordable health care, better schools, less crime, alternative sources of fuel, an end to the war in Iraq. Hillary listens to people who speak the truth as to where this country needs to head.

    If McCain somehow wins (highly unlikely) and she moves to Italy or Canade, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. I won’t miss you after these lies of yours against a true hero for women.