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We’re not sure if that’s a fox or wolf around her neck, but either way, it’s pretty revealing of Sarah Palin’s thoughts on animals. Parrish already covered it well on his post on her hunting passions — but I though this photo was a hilarious extension of what else she has to offer.

Captions are welcome! Have at it!

Context: “During the pageant for the 2007 Little Norway Festival in Petersburg, Alaska, Alaska’s Governor – Sarah Palin addressed the crowd.  She was welcomed with a rowdy greeting from the Vikings and donned some fur on loan from Caryn Flint.”

Photo Credit/Source: Ryan McFarland

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  • erin

    May I be the first to say that I am more petrified than those dead remains wrapped around her body to think of her as the vice president of the United States. You people think George Bush was bad.. Just wait. God help us all.

  • Stephanie Williams

    I am terrified and have been terrified of this ticket since the first day it was announced.

  • Cid Martins

    A crazy thought! What about abducting bush, cheney, maccain and palin, release them in a forest, naked (uhhhh vomiting noise), in the middle of the night, give them until morning and then hunt them down? Wouldn’t that be fun? I would pay to go on such a ‘hunting trip’! And after dead, their heads would be cut off and impaled in Washington D.C.

    Ok, seriously, please forgive me… But I still can’t understand why choosing between Obama and maccain is still an issue! What are they doing to you over there in the USA? Crap… Obama isn’t obviously perfect nor he is the saviour, but between him and those other imbeciles, the choice is obvious.

    The rest of the world is tired of the American administration invading countries, your credibility abroad is ruined, your allies don’t believe in your lies any more and won’t follow you into any more wars (fair or not), your economy is slowing the world’s economy, not accepting climate change as a reality is destroying this planet even more…
    What more evidence do you need to change? A new 9/11? Because probably that’s what is going to happen if maccain wins! And we will not support you this time! Bush father – war, bush son – 9/11, war… Can you make the connection already? Damn!!!!

  • Palinator

    “Palin rips legs off family dog: Makes new shawl”. Head to my site to see pics of the dog sans legs.

  • tim bryson

    I think Palin is awesome and will do a fine job. Lets not spend time looking for pictures to attempt to make weak point on what would happen if someone needed to run the country. I would rather see her in fur vs. knowing I have a president who bought a house with the aid of a convicted felon. Fur=Felon. GO SARAH!

  • VeggieTart

    Scary Palin is so cold-hearted, not even a fur can keep her warm.


    what a shame! this ugly hag!

  • erin

    uh ya tim – obama’s wife bought some land next door to the house they had – before the guy was a convicted felon. how out of touch are you? that stupid commercial mccain did on the subject was certainly out of touch. glad you’d rather have a war monger fur wearing right wing nut job running the white house. Palinator, excellent site! I laughed my ass off..

    and cid – you are HIGHLARIOUS! i wish you lived in the US (though I’m sure you don’t ;) and that YOU Could run for Prez! I’d vote for you ;)


  • Cid Martins

    thanks Erin :)

    I appreciate it very much!

    Unfortunately I don’t live in the USA. But I wish I did :)

    That’s why it upsets me so much to realize what has happened to that great nation during these past 8 years, and worst, what will happen if ‘MacCalin'(the 2 evil soul mates) win!

  • Jenniefer

    How terrified you little bunnies must be of a real woman. I think she is great and I certainly would not vote for someone like Osama who can not even give a direct answer…ah..the age old question…so it is ok to kill an unborn baby who is CONCEIVED AT BIRTH but don’t touch that baby seal? Get over yourselves. And go tell that racist Oprah to quit her lying about why she doesn’t want Sarah Palin on her show….it is because Sarah is not her kind of “sistah”

  • liz

    jenniefer – how hip your alternative spelling of your name is! what a great idea – that way you can take an ordinary common name (sorry but true) and make it sound all neat and original even though it’s not.

    wow what a racist you are by implying that Oprah will not have Palin on her show because she’s not African American. She never had Obama on after he decided to run for Prez either. Get your white nazi racist head out of the toilet please and see the light.

    Secondly – you said it right. the baby is conceived. not BORN. It is a woman’s right to choose. My not be my choice. I’d probably have the baby… but I think that there should be the right to choose.

    Not that we don’t have enough people on this planet already -but if Palin wants to add 5 more that’s her business. Including a child with Downs. I’m not judging her for that. or saying it’s selfish to have a buttload of kids we all pay taxes on.

    And if you’re down with clubbing baby seals to death for fur then that’s your opinion but to compare it to a fetus is ridiculous. Then again most of you right wing racists are just like that…

    So sorry Sarah isn’t a “sistah” Man that is the most racist thing I have heard in a long time. I really pray Obama wins because God knows it would kill you having a black man in the white house just as badly as it would probably kill you having one in your own living room you bigot.

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  • Cid Martins

    Palin a real woman? Well if every woman was like Palin I would certainly live my life in sexual abstinence from now on… :(


    – she is a creationist – God created us about +/- 6000 years ago? Right… and all the existing scientific data of human settlements way before that are just illusions… What I don’t understand is that there are actually women who believe in that crap. If that was true, then Adam and Eve were also true, which means Eve would have been made from one of Adam’s ribs – so, that would mean women were just a by-product!!! And as such, they would be inferior beings… And why is God male and not female? What are you, blind? This is one of the arguments used by radical Muslims to keep ‘their’ women literally locked in the house and their bodies all covered with burkas!!! Maybe jenniefer would love to be treated like that!!! Unbelievable… the middle ages are long gone… or so I thought!
    Women must have the right to abort if they don’t want to have a child! It’s their body! If jenniefer and others are so worried about embryos who are no even human beings yet, maybe they should offer themselves to adopt the children of women who don’t want to or can’t have that future baby! Why should someone be forced to have a baby if she is not prepared for it? What, it’s better to have a child and then beat it up or abandon it? I can’t stand hypocrisy!

    – she is a hunter. She enjoys killing… as simple as that. She approved the slaughter of wolves because it brings huge bucks to her pockets from rich hunters! And as far as I know they don’t eat wolves!!! Their argument is to control their population… Nature controls itself. Humans are the ones who disrupt Nature’s equilibrium!

    – she has less political experience than Senator Obama! Alaska compared to Obama’s state? Come on!!!

    – She trashed Obama, and what did he tell the reporters regarding Palin’s teenager pregnant daughter? Back off, family is off limits! This says a lot about someone’s character…

    And I could go on…
    A little bit more about who Palin really is – check out this site:

    Open your eyes people!

  • Rox

    Living in South Africa, we have our fair share of insanely corrupt politicians, but one thing that we can be grateful for is that we don’t have republicans – we only have democrats.

    To me, it seems insane that this woman got as far as she did, and even more insane that there are so many people who support her. She’s clearly the ‘trophy wife’ as someone pointed out in the hunting post, but still… I see Michelle Obama as being much more ladylike and a ‘real woman’ with grace and style that doesn’t include a dead thing around her neck.

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  • Tiger

    Ha Ha! You put the wrong nominee up there ya boobs!

  • Furs by Sarah

    Not only does she wear them. She raises them for slaughter. Did somebody say “pro life”?

  • Pam

    Cruella, Cruella DeVil: if she doesn’t scare ya, no evil thing will………

    To see her is to take a
    sudden chill
    Cruella, Cruella

  • Lisa (pinkdoggie7)

    well, she never said she was preggies wit # 5 til little one was practically born. Yeah, I could beleive #5 is a grandson