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bindi irwin snakeIt’s a fair assessment that Bindi Irwin is potentially the most driving force in the field of eco-friendly fashion for kids. She’s basically a 10-year-old version of Stella McCartney — but with an even greater commitment to donating proceeds from the sale of her line to the environment.

Did we mention she’s only 10-years-old? I could barely match my socks at that age.

Launching today internationally is Irwin’s new RENEW ‘restore the planet’ line — which is made entirely from second-generation cotton. Huh? No organic cotton? Well, according to the press release, it’s even better than organic because it results in less pollution, chemicals and requires less energy and water as opposed to the heavy global footprint of conventionally-grown cotton. Bindi says of the new range, “I am always talking about re-using and replanting to renew the earth so this is a great way to get my message out. I am so excited about the range!!” The main slogans featured in the range – “Restore the planet” and “Reduce your ecological footprint” – are combined with Bindi Wear International’s own version of the well known recycle logo, replacing arrows with croc feet.

A portion of the proceeds will directly support Australia Zoo’s wildlife conservation programs. In the US, you can pick up your own RENEW goods at Zappos — which expects to have the clothing in shortly. More info is available at the official site.

Side note: If Bindi pulled that snake trick on me, I’d still be in therapy.

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  • gogreener

    I just had a quick google and it seems that “second-generation” cotton means that it’s genetically modified? I suppose that would explain why they reckon it uses less pesticides, etc. Is this correct, or can anyone give me more info about this?

  • Nicole

    Ahhh I just love the Irwins sooooo much ESPECIALLY Bindi! I hope she comes to Toronto to promote this new line of eco-wear!

  • Aneta

    Yes, second generation means genetically engineered, and on June 18, 2008 The San Diego Union Tribune says, “there are no GE crops on the market that were engineered to resist drought, reduce fertilizer pollution or save soil. Not one.” The has a lot to say on the subject.

  • Almanac

    According to The Omniverse Almanac, Stella McCartney is one of the very few cppl people inhabiting this planet…

    Check out The Omniverse Almanac on Google

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