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You know those cardboard tree air fresheners for your car?  “What if this was the only tree left to hug?” is the message Paris Hilton poses to the world through her paparazzi pic.  Though the message seems inspired by the Dr. Seuss book “The Lorax”, the shirt is an adorable 100% certified organic cotton T from Threads for Thoughts.  If you want to be like Paris, visit to buy from their clothing line.


  • NKY

    I like the design.

  • Annie

    I love it, way to go, Paris. Except for one thing; it should be “What if this WERE….”! But at least it gets the message across!

  • VeggieTart

    Wow, first the election spoof video, now this. Seems like Paris or someone near her is growing a brain.

  • Leanne

    just a s(mall) correction. The website is, no s. :)

    adorable tee! can’t wait to check them all out.
    Leanne Maily

  • 2monkees

    Love the tee! very cute!

  • Aelys

    Cute tee… though I fail to believe Paris’ real green commitment.

  • tash

    i luv the tee but the question i want answered is if she is really into saving the planet