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Might I possibly be resigning from Team Heather? Maybe! Here at Ecorazzi we are always looking for the positive things that people in the entertainment world do for green living, humanitarianism, animal rights and charity. In the past I’ve thrown my full support behind Heather Mills even when just about everybody told me not to. However, with recent news surfacing regarding a few of Heather’s broken promises I can’t help but consider rethinking my decision.

After being awarded a hefty £24.3 million divorce payment from Sir Paul McCartney the controversial Brit vowed to give “a large majority” of it to the Adopt-A-Minefield organization, but charity sources at Adopt-A-Minefield claim they haven’t received anything.

A source said: “They have waited in vain for their millions. She’s had plenty of time, but sadly it’s yet another untruth by the queen of lies.” Earlier in the year Heather was quoted saying, “Around 80 per cent of my money goes to charity.” But her former publicist is now calling her “pathological liar”, saying, “I was foolish and saw her simply as the devoted humanitarian, charity campaigner and protective mother she wanted the world to see. Now I want the public to know who the real Heather Mills is.”

Oh crap! Have I been backing the wrong team? I guess only time will tell. I don’t even really need to ask, but what do YOU think about this whole Heather Mills mess? Speak now or forever hold your peace.


  • Marie

    The court documents showed her to be a liar months ago. She only ever donated Paul’s money to charity. Good you finally caught up to her lies. More importantly parrish – she lied about her husband and the father of her child. There is no evidence of abuse according to her former PR – just home movies. TV people saw them and found nothing to back her lies. I suggest you read the 58 page divorce decision if you want to know the real Heather. Also read what her PR says about her – it is in the Daily Mail today. The judge found her to be a liar and a fraud as do most other people who get to know her.
    Why would she care about animals when she only cares about herself? It was just a way to get into the papers for her. How she treats people in her life explains her to me. She is awful. Any charity that has anything to do with her cheapens themselves.
    She recently received an award for all her “good” work. She promised a donation. Did she really carry through on that? Bet not, as she told lies during her speech too.

  • Penny

    I think there’s a valid reason why Mills has received so little positive press over the past few years.

    My heart goes out to the McCartney family for what this harpy has put them through. We fans knew that Paul would be vindicated in the end.

  • Stephanie Williams

    Don’t worry, we forgive you (Ecorazzi that is)

  • Ellie Butler

    Yes, you have been backing the wrong team.
    What I don`t understand is the continued support of Juliet Gellatley and Viva.
    Paul and Linda were founder members of Viva; Paul gave Juliet the first interview following Linda`s death; he personally recommended her for the first Linda McCartney award at the daily Mirror Pride of Britain awards (the one where he spotted Heather. Now, Juliet is going on holiday with Heather, a woman out to destroy Paul.Does Gellatley really want to write-off her charity, which was supported by not only the McCartney family, but also friends like Chrissie Hynde and Twiggy. And Heather had no knowledge of animal rights before she met Paul. Either Gellatley has had her mind messed with very badly or she is not the serious campaigner I thought she was.

  • Susan

    Slow learner. But you caught up. That’s what matters.

  • liz

    Glad EcoRazzi finally came to their senses about this dirty deceiver. Better late than never methinks too.

  • Phoenix

    It’s okay, Parrish, dear — we knew it would only be some time before you, too, understood the truth about Mills… She’s extremely ill and couldn’t tell the truth if her very soul depended on it… You’ve just simply realized what everyone who has ever known her has come to realize — she’s all talk (lies, embellishments, fabrications), no show… Ian O’Doherty, an Irish Journalist, recently tried to entice Mills to comment on her former PR Spokeswoman… Mills didn’t have time to do so as she was busy writing her acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize… LOL Need we say more?

  • VeggieTart

    Has she actually RECEIVED the money she was suposed to get from McCartney? If she hasn’t–and I don’t know much about divorces of the wealthy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the person who has to pay appealed the decision, blah, blah, blah to delay paying–that may be while she hasn’t paid yet.

    Or she could be a lying nutcase, and you were one of many deceived into backing the wrong team. But it’s never too late to quit.

  • Ellie Butler

    Er, Phoenix, I think that was a little joke in the Irish newspaper!!!Just the kind of thing she might have said, of course.
    And, although none of us knows for sure of course, all reports suggest thst, indeed, she has received the money!

  • Lorraine

    from day one she has been I believe handing out crap to the world regarding her humanitarian contributions. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. I think she needs help and Sir Paul is better off for having been rid of her. She thinks the world owes her the lifestyle she had with him. She needs to wake up.

  • J. Gold

    There are so many lies people are discovering about Heather Mills that keep surfacing. With the lies has come unbelievably irrational behaviour and I believe she is a danger at this time. It is obvious that she has many psychological problems and I’ve a great deal of trouble understanding how it is their daughter lives with her. I don’t believe at this time she is mentally well enough to be trusted with their child and also wonder how living with Heather will affect their daughter as years pass.

  • Oversneer

    We’ve been slowly unraveling Heather’s web of deceit for months over at … glad you’re coming to your sense, Parrish :-)

  • Susan

    If Paul had an appeal in on the settlement, the judge wouldn’t have been able to issue the decree of divorce. He did. So…so much for that theory that she doesn’t have her money.

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  • Paul

    I find it really interesting that people are willing to belive everything that they see on the web – apparently the dancing with the starts money that heather was going to donate to viva didn’t all go to viva! then when you get past all the hyperbol it turns out that because the production company would not pay viva! directly it had to be classed as taxable income for the UK so after the UK tax man has had almost 50%; the rest went to Viva! Knowing that Viva! have recived a lot of money from Heather since her divorce (paying for wages and campaigns) she does a hell of a lot more than Paul McCartney has done in his time since the divorce. And as for the spiteful and evil comments from Ellie Butler – having worked with Juliet Gellatley off and on over the last 15 years I can honnestly say that she is a true vegan campaigner that people like Ellie could wish to be!