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It’s Fashion Week in New York City which means the PETA Police are out and about looking to get FURocious with those designers who still use fur.

The Donna Karan fashion show in Bryant Park was pretty much ruined yesterday morning when PETA members pounced on stage with signs reading, “Donna: Dump Fur.” Yes friends,Karan has managed to once again thoroughly piss PETA off by not only using fur, but using fur after she promised not to. Ouch!

As you’d expect the protestors were taken off stage and arrested, but don’t think that’s gonna stop anyone! PETA is famous for their tenacious efforts to end animal abuse and whether you like their tactics or not (I’m somewhere in the middle), you can bet they’re not stopping anytime soon.

Stay tuned to Ecorazzi to find out if Karan will join designers like Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger who have all taken the fur-free pledge…and kept it!

  • Stephanie Williams

    Yeah…i’ve been getting a bit more sour with PETA lately…

    BUT THIS IS AWESOME! I wish i could have been there for that!


  • liz

    there’s only one thing worse than a designer who uses fur…and that’s a designer who promised they wouldn’t.

    DK is a LOSER . don’t buy her loser clothes.

  • Aneta

    It is regrettable to witness that on a show, while we have seen a lot of her sustainable business practices in the past, and present.

  • fbr

    It’s antics like this that ruin the credibility of organizations like PETA.

  • doug Ward

    That’s why I don’t have anything to do with the goofs. I stick with Rainforest Action Networks and protest with them.
    RAN dot org
    I reckon it’s cuz I live in the rainforest !
    Pura Vida from The….,,,,…….
    oasisofthetoucans dot com

  • Eduard

    Um … There was no fur in the DKNY show. Not one bit of fur. So tell me why the PETA protest made any sense?

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  • Ashley Moreno

    PETA has gotten so many companys to renounce the usage of fur and Donna Karan seems to be the only one asked to refuse. What’s so nice about murdered rabbits? Or murdered minks? I don’t see it although there are many who do see the beauty in a dead carcus hanging off your shoulders. And the entire point in PETA’s attempt to ruin the show was to tell the world that Donna Karan is a murderer who promised not to use fur but broke it and lied! I’m all for PETA’s efforts and if it was up to me I’d go up and scream at the models and yell out about Donna Karan. If I were one of those models I’d refuse to wear those clothing. But of course, skanks need money. *shrugs shoulders* what else can they do but wear a murderer’s clothing?

  • Maiza

    PETA – standard-bearers of the New Fascism.

  • Maiza

    Ashley Moreno – it seems you’d like to replace fur with misogyny.
    Not a good trade-off, IMO.

  • Maiza

    Doug Ward – Excellent course of action! Throw in the Nature Conservancy and I am with you.

  • yvonne

    I think this is GREAT!! Over the top and in the news. To those that oppose TRY doing something that WILL stop animal abuse in stead of complaining about those that do or better yet… Go see for yourself first hand the animals abused, left for dead or skinned alive for their fur and them tell THEM how this is all so silly………

    on the DK website…goat skin, python skin, baby lamb, croc skin, ostrich feathers. She is no friend of the animal kingdom.