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Razzi Snap: Christian The Hugging Lion Getting His Own Movie

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flowersRemember the hugging lion video? You know — the one in which you almost cried at the end when Christian the Lion returned to not consume, but lovingly embrace his former human parents? Turns out the millions that tuned in to YouTube to watch the more than 30-year-old clip has convinced SONY Pictures to bring the story of Christian and the two men, John Rendall and Anthony “Ace” Bourke, to the big screen. The studio is currently securing the rights to their 1973 book, “A Lion Called Christian.” That should help raise some great cash for the George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust, inspired by their story. [Read more…]

flowersHow did Steve Jobs change his diet after his recent scare with pancreatic cancer? By switching to a vegan/raw foods lifestyle. After his diagnosis, Jobs regularly dined with his doctor, Dr. Dean Ornish, the bestselling author of “Eat more, Weigh Less” to a popular vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco called “Greens”. The most bizarre request by Jobs of the eatery was not to “cook anything in pans”. I can only imagine that this would be to avoid Calphalon — but perhaps there’s more to it.

Anyways, since then Jobs has adhered strictly to the diet and Apple’s HQ is now regarded as having one of the finest organic, vegan/vegetarian cafeterias in the world. Nice. [Read more…]

flowersAnd finally, a fond “don’t let the door hit you on the way out” farewell to one of the largest Hummer dealerships in the U.S. closing its doors due to poor sales. We can only hope that this is a trend that continues as reality sets in for automakers and the thought of spending $83 to fill up a Hummer H3 (the smallest model in the brand) turns away Americans. See ya. Adios. Good riddance. [Read more…]

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