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You talkin’ to me? Are YOU talkin’ to me? Yes, Bobby De Niro I AM!!

Kickass actor Robert De Niro received some bad press after an environmental group accused him of serving endangered fish at his popular restaurant chain Nobu. The criticism comes from Greenpeace (the group you always feel a little guilty about ignoring on the street) who claim Nobu is “clearly making a great deal of money serving up endangered fish.”

The fish in question is the Atlantic bluefin tuna which is so endangered that the World Wildlife Fund has asked for its sale to be banned. Unfortunately this near extinct fish is still available in some restaurants…including Nobu.

And we’re not just talking about some little minnow here! The Atlantic bluefin tuna can weight up to 1,500 pounds and over short distances can swim as fast as a horse can run. It can dive 3,000 feet in a matter of minutes, and make it across the Atlantic Ocean in 40 days.

Help Greenpeace and Ecorazzi say NO to the capture and sale of Atlantic bluefin tuna by avoiding Nobu until they agree to stop depleting our oceans!


  • erin

    Thanks Parish – saw this earlier today in the news and glad you posted it.

    What I found most interesting is how they mention even evil anti veggie chef Gordon Ramsay has banned the endangered fish from his restaurants. Greenpeace mentions this in their press release

    I was extremely surprised to see this coming from evil Ramsay!!!

    Also did you see today in the news that Paul McCartney slammed Ramsay…. I love Paul! :)

  • erin

    Not sure what happened, but I wrote a comment that I saw this in news earlier today and what was even MORE interesting to me is it mentioned how anti veggie chef Gordon Ramsay also is against using these endangered fish at his restaurant. Even greenpeace wrote about him!

    Also did anyone read the great quotes Sir Paul McCartney the magnificent Vegetarian said against Ramsay the other day? Brilliant!

  • tomowyo

    “Avoid Nobu”? Because it serves bluefin tuna? How about because I can’t afford the cost of a toothpick in the joint? Typical eco-crat bulls**t.

  • Gerald Abrams

    World Wildlife and Greenpiece are private organizations that cannot declare a fish “endangered”. Bluefin is not on the endangered species list and Mr. Di Niro should consult with a lawyer.

  • erin

    You’re right it’s not endangered Gerald ole boy it’s CRITICALLY endangered. Check it out

    Also I didn’t see it on one of the dot gov lists but depends where I look. He’s using NORTHERN Bluefin tuna as the article says (the most rare of all)

    Maybe instead of going the tacky superficial hollywood way YOU suggest of checking with a lawyer he should instead check with his conscious.

    consult with his lawyer lol. no one has any morals anymore.


  • Chris

    Bluefin are not endangered and so this is typical, baseless scare tactics from the enviros.

  • liz

    So glad you listen to your government. Depends on which government you listen to by the way

    they are considered endangered some places and not either (though should be EVERY where but it’s just politics)

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  • Henry Tuttle

    I ate at the new Nobu that just opened in the Atlantic resort in Dubai for the first time last week. It was my first time at a Nobu and it was one of the better dining experiences that I’ve ever had. Then I read about the serving of endangered fish and will have to take my business elsewhere.

    I didn’t order anything endangered, but refuse to support a restaurant that is selfish enough to continue to contribute to the extinction of a species just because it tastes a little better.

    The sad thing is that the restaurant doesn’t need it. They could easily maintain their standards without it. I hope they come to their senses.

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