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David Letterman recently hosted author Thomas Friedman who was promoting his book on Climate Change Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why we need a green revolution–And how it can renew America. Dave had a lot to say about the topic and worked himself into a full rant, which called for alternative forms of energy and blamed the Republicans for their lack of leadership.  Though Friedman’s book is flavored with hope and calls for a revolution, Letterman says we’re “too late” and “dead meat”.  Watch the video below to see him go off as only he can.


  • truffula

    amazing – he tells it like it is

    and people just laugh…

    it’s scary.

  • vegoftheweek

    Liked the funny joke about reusing the party toothpicks! He is too funny.

  • Tony

    He should stick to talk shows. He knows nothing of science and should keep his mouth shut. Poor deluded individual. He seems to be losing his touch and it’s sad to see.

  • Libertarian12

    But it sure doesn’t stop him from burning up the megawatts lighting up the set and running the cameras – and I suppose he walks to work? Oh, I almost forgot that he and all the other elitist snobs are above having to sacrifice themselves as long as they criticize others. And it is the Dems that have been in control for the last two years and have done nothing.

  • Tom Harris

    Actually, this Letterman rant may have been intentionally idiotic so that people can see how ridiculous the scare has become. Everyone knows (or should know) that we are in a cooling phase and virtually all of the warming of the past century has been erased.

    On the other hand, perhaps Tony is right and Letterman is just delusional – who knows. Regardless, I don’t think many people will take him seriously.

  • Run-DMS

    Well, Libertarian12, I guess the solution is to legislate people’s behavior so that they have no choice but to be greener. Make them conserve. Let’s get those do-nothing Dems to make that kind of legislation.
    I’m just following your words to the logical conclusion.
    Given your bitterness, I guess you should reconsider your libertarian philosophy.

  • Libertarian12

    Sorry, just pointing out the hypocrisy. I think he has every right to live as he chooses unless he does the Al Gore “do as I say, not as I do” thing.

  • Lubos Motl

    David Letterman is a great comedian. And people laugh just like I do. If he’s serious, however, then he’s really a screwed dead meat. ;-)

  • John

    Is he mad or funny ? ; )

  • CO2nonsense

    It’s official. All the Global warming hype has finally convinced one of the greatest comedians to rant about absolutely nothing that’s been proven by science other than the earth was warming the last century. Good job Dave, keep up the nonsensical rantings.

  • David Letterman is a great man

    Every single point is so right, and driven home so well. This man is so right. We need leadership and we need it now.