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While KFC and PETA continue their showdown over animal cruelty practices and non-vegan menu offerings around the world, the situation in Canada could not be any more different. There — where rainbows are a daily occurrence and everyone gets a hug on the street — PETA and KFC have reconciled and embraced a future of working together. It’s gotten so odd that KFC is even catering the wedding of two vegan PETA members getting married this week in Toronto.

Who would have called that a year ago?

According to the National Post, vegan PETA member Alex Bury and her fiancé Jack Norris are set to say their vows on Sept. 11, where guests will be invited afterward to feast on platters of the restaurant’s new soy-based, mock-chicken Classic Vegetarian Sandwich.

As we all know by now, the new sandwhich came as a result of PETA reaching an agreement with the fast-food chain over the conditions of raising and killing the chickens used in their meals. A small amount of controversy erupted later after it was found that the vegetarian sandwiches were being fried in the same oil as their meaty counterparts.

All we can say is — good luck to the new couple! And enjoy those soy burgers!

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  • Stephanie Williams

    Good luck to the couple!

    This is really silly. I hope they don’t put those in the fryer with the meat. PLUS it sucks cause they are giving KFC money. That to me is not quite vegan, esp since there are proly way better vegan places up for the job.


    But maybe if i got hugs on the street i would feel different :P

  • Elena

    Well i’m glad to hear KFC and PeTA have found a common ground… but lord how un-romantic!

  • Claudine Erlandson

    Best wishes to the bride and groom. I think it’s great! It shows that KFC Canada is definitely wiser than in the US.
    Being romantic can happen any place in the world…and perhaps, their honeymoon might be in Paris or Rome!

  • Justine

    It’s great if KFC are improving their practices but surely any veggie/vegans could be giving their money to a more ethical company, especially catering at their wedding..seems crazy!

  • Allen

    I think this is great! Promoting vegan options at a meaty establishment is way better than eating at an all vegan restaurant because meat-eaters are more likely to be exposed to vegan food where they are already eating than at a place they won’t even think of going.

    And for people who think it is wrong to buy vegan options at KFC, how is that any different than buying vegan options or produce at a grocery store that also sells meat?

    The only thing that matters to a corporation is profit. If meaty coprorations start making a profit selling vegan options then they will start selling more and more vegan options and less and less meat. Way to go PETA! Way to go KFC Canada. Congratulations Alex and Jack!

  • VeggieTart

    Something about that just squicks me out. I wouldn’t want a fast food giant catering my wedding (assuming I ever get married), vegan or no.

    We need to stop acting as if the sun rises and sets on someone or a corporation because s/he or it decides to throw a sop to us and stop serving foie gras or veal or look for more veggie friendly options. Yes, we should praise their decision, but let’s not act as if they’re so great because of one tiny step.

  • herb_ivor

    More power to them.

    But their wedding guests will be thinking they finally jumped off the deep end.

    If I ever get married you can be sure I won’t serve something that comes in between a soggy pair of buns.

  • Minku

    Next year, I think I’ll ask m girlfriend to get married at a slaughterhouse.

    That is, after we’ve removed our brains, like Jack Norris, Alex Bury, PETA, Vegan Outreach, and much of the rest of the mainstream animal “rights” movement have apparently done to themselves.

    Oh, sorry, did I display some critical thinking? It hurts, doesn’t it?