On September 6th, celebrities united to raise ocean awareness at the Surfrider Foundation Celebrity Expression Session at First Point, Surfrider Beach in Malibu as part of the 45th Anniversary of the Malibu Surfing Association Classic.

An event like no other, the Surfrider Foundation’s Celebrity Expression Session allowed celebrities to show off their surfing skills and moves in a free surf format. In addition, for every wave caught, Barefoot Wine donated $50/per wave to the Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project, a partnership between Barefoot Wine and the Surfrider Foundation to keep America’s beaches “barefoot friendly.” (Since 2007, Barefoot has done $250,000 to the organization!)

Celebrities who took part in the surf session included Chad Lowe, Richard Burgi, Flea, Sal Masekela, Peter DiStefano, Brandon Cruz, David Chokachi, and Jason Mraz. Over $4,000 was raised for the Surfrider Foundation.

“As surfers, we are always at the beach and in the water, so raising awareness on the conditions of our oceans and beaches is really important to us,” says actor David Chokachi. “This event is a great opportunity for us to do so and catch some waves with our friends.”

The MSA Classic is a two-day longboard competition honoring the association’s founding members. Started in 1962, the MSA Classic is the longest running longboard competition in Southern California.

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  • http://www.greenofficeprojects.com/blog/ GreenOfficeBlog

    What a great event! It’s good to see that celebrities are getting involved with the green movement. David Chokachi is right – surfers spend so much time at the beach, it makes sense that they would be concerned about the conditions of our water and land. I hope they were able to raise a lot of money for green efforts.

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  • http://www.eringoesgreen.com Erin Fox

    I’m kinda surprised that all that celebrity clout could only raise $4k. I am a Surfrider member and events like this are really important to spread awareness, just sad more checkbooks weren’t opened. Not to be a Debbie downer, but come on Malibu!!!! Lets get serious :)

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