If your dream in life is to sip a chai latte in an oversized pink mug signed by Shannon Elizabeth, you’re in luck. Along with Elizabeth, Debra Messing, Susan Lucci, Joel Madden, Christina Milian, Jesse Metcalfe, Melody Thomas Scott, Julianne Hough and other celebs have signed their own Nonni’s Biscotti mug for charity to be auctioned off this October.

Ninety mugs will be auctioned in all. All proceeds are benefiting Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and if you buy a box of Nonni’s Biscotti during the campaign, 75 cents of each purchase will also go to the charity.

As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, bidding will start on the mugs October 1 and will run the entire month.

  • http://westerwoodgraphics.com theresa Southern

    No, I don’t really want a huge pink mug with a celebrity signature on it. Luckily, many many others will undoubtedly participate in this effort to raise funds.

  • http://www.lumag.com Remy Chevalier

    All these celebrity based cancer organization only try to tackle the symptons. They are in great part funded by cancer drug companies and used as a means to sell their pills and therapies. What we really need are cancer organizations tackling the root cause of cancer, which are environmental… such as nuclear radiation, cancer causing agents found in foods and cosmetics, toxic waste of all kind released by industrials still not on board with the program. Recently, and finally, anti-nuclear organizations with data proving cancer rates are much higher near and around nuclear facilities are joining forces with the more progressive cancer groups. You should see the results in a few months.

  • http://www.soaps.com/latestnews/2473/Autographed_Nonni%E2%80%99s_Biscotti_Mugs_For_Breast_Can soapfan

    I’m going to bid for the cause, and hopefully I’ll win an autographed mug along the way LOL