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I will admit it, without (much) shame. I was a fan of Hanson. I sang along with “MMMBop,” I had a crush on “the oldest one” (Issac), and I couldn’t get enough of that really goofy video. There are worse things you can do at 15.

Guess what? The guys are still cuties. And they’re working for a better world. The trio is now making their rounds on their Walk Around the World Tour, where they will promote their album The Walk as well fight poverty in Africa by raising money for healthcare, education and supplies.

The tour actually began last year, with a revolutionary concept: asking fans to walk a mile with them, barefoot, before each show, to represent the daily life of an African child. That’s pretty amazing.

But the event was put on hold when Issac had life-saving surgery for a pulmonary embolism. It’s officially back on this year, and from now until November 16 they’ll be continuing what they started.

The brothers have been AIDS and poverty activists for a while now, with various concerts dedicated solely to research and prevention as well as a partnership with TOMS shoes, where they company donated a pair of shoes to a child in Africa for every pair of shoes sold.

For tour dates and other info click here.

  • peach

    i think its a real shame any sentence that starts with handson ends with mmbop, i was never a fan growing up, but i got turned onto to them now by a friend and i have to say they have more talent and dedication then a lot of artist out there, who are not musicians, they are entertainers, tho it makes me sad to know britney spears will recieve countless awards and hanson will never get the decication they deserve, their not putting their now down for a cause their fighting for it, and thats something those musician wannabees will never reach, i took the walk and its effected me, i cant say any other artist has effected me the sameway, cause when i was younger, omg marry was my cause, hanson is far from mmbop but the world doesnt have the intelligence to handle that, take a walk barefoot and youll understand, its not about the 10 cars, the million doller homes and the countless girls its about taking a stand and believeing in something, so your fans can believe in something too, i lost my faith in the music industry, i lost my passion, but now i think i finally have something to believe in.