Who says animal rights is just for young people? With stars like Natalie Portman, Tobey Maguire and Miley Cyrus all rocking the veggie lifestyle, it’s easy to think that the meat-free world is a young man’s game. But there’s a whole culture of AARP reading, wrinkle cream purchasing vegetarians who still remember what it was like when soy milk came in powder form.

To help give those meat-free pioneers more of a voice, PETA has created PETA Prime – a website dedicated to the more mature members of the vegetarian movement. It’s common knowledge that vegetarians live longer than a person on the Standard American Diet and so it’s even more important that us veggies have a place to call home even after we retire. (Let’s not forget that Donald Watson – the father of veganism – lived to the ripe old age of 95.)

The only question remaining is which 55+ vegetarian celebrity should be the spokesperson for PETA Prime? Should it be Steve Martin, Dustin Hoffman, Bob Barker, Ed Begley Jr. or Joanna Lumley? What about Ted Danson, Mary Tyler Moore, Paul McCartney or Phylicia Rashad. Of course there’s always Cicely Tyson, Loretta Swit and Danny Devito to consider.

Post a comment below and tell us who YOU would like to see on the front page of PETA Prime. We know the folks at PETA read Ecorazzi so you never know what your opinion just might inspire!

  • http://pompousvegan.blogspot.com Misty Snatchwrath

    I give Mary Tyler Moore the big thumbs-up.

  • Henri Bollinger

    It’s heartening that, unlike politics, there are lots of wonderful celebirites who sing the praises of a vegetarian diet. Bob Barker always comments that he wouldn’t have been able to host THE PRICE IS RIGHT for those many years if he had not been a vegetarian for the past 40 years. He was 83 when he retired from the show last year. Surely, he’s the ideal candidate to kick off PETA Prime!

  • Mike

    Joanna Lumley is the ideal candidate.

    A well-known vegetarian who is always eloquent & charming campaigning for the many charities she supports.


    i love them all but would like to see dustin hoffman or another great vegetarian who is not listed: sir ian mckellen!

  • Susan

    No question about it – it has to be Sir Paul McCartney. He has long been affiliated with PETA and an outspoken proponent for animal rights and vegetarianism.

  • stephanie williams

    They are all get! It’s a hard choice for sure.

    I ADORE James Cromwell <33 He went veg after he shot Babe and is quite the activist for animals too. He also has worked with PETA before too. Though he may not be as “well know” as other stars, i just love him to pieces.

  • Elaine

    Ed Begley, Jr. would be perfect! He is so into the green movement and would be a good role model for us older folks.

  • Connie

    I think Mary Tyler Moore would be a great spokesperson. Many can relate to her and she likely won’t rub people the wrong way.

  • Joni

    Bob Barker – hands down.

  • Diana


  • http://www.PETAPrime.org KT

    Thanks for all the great celeb ideas for PETA Prime. We promise some great star involvement in the future so keep your eyes pealed!

  • Elizabeth

    Paul McCartney – his first wife was so amazing – I’d love to see him follow in her footsteps!

  • Caroline

    I agree with Elizabeh – Paul McCartney should be the spokesman for Peta Prime….he has done so much for animals… and it was he and Linda who convinced me to go Veggie!