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More Heather Mills drama, ya’ll! A few days ago I received a fair share of cyberspace pats on the back when I declared that my previous support for Heather Mills was drifting after a slew of reports regarding her less than honest charity donations. Was my post the last straw?

The word on the street is that Mills has begged Sir Richard Branson to let her move to his private Caribbean island for a whole year to “escape the hate.” Heather believes, and I agree, that she’s received a massive downpour of hate since her divorce from Sir Paul McCartney and thinks a move is neccesary.

A source revealed: “She wants to spend a year there to rest and rebuild her life.She has been in touch with Sir Richard and she is confident he will allow her to live there for a while. Heather believes she has been subjected to unprecedented levels of hate since her split with Paul. Heather sees Necker as the ideal place to get away.”

The island costs £25,000 a day to rent, has two private beaches, swimming pools, tennis courts, a personal chef and access to water sports. However, the £2.2 million it will cost Heather to inhabit the island for a year is nothing compared to the £24.3 million divorce settlement she received from Paul McCartney. Will Heather be disappearing from the public eye? We’ll let you know as soon as we do! Stay tuned to Ecorazzi for all the latest Heather Mills gossip!


  • Marie

    Don’t let this fool you. She will never move away from the spotlight. This is just another one of her attempts to be Princess Diana. Diana wanted to move back to her family’s home during her divorce. Heather can’t do anything original, ever. If she wanted to hide she can return to the English countryside. She has a huge house (bigger than Paul’s) with lots of land that Paul bought for her. She got caught trying to cheat on Apprentice and was fired before the show even began according to MSNBC news. This is her trying to say she is being picked on – again.

  • Anne

    Not too long ago she gave a speech at an Irish College claiming rich people were stingy and she was only with them to get money for charity. Now she wants to stay in a place that costs $50,000 a day to rent? She can hide somewhere a bit cheaper I would think. I think her favorite charity is herself.

  • erin

    Heather Mills is the anti christ.

    I never thought of the Diana connection. Thanks Marie.

    I must say I’m not into the Royal Family much or any of that, but if Heather Mills truly thinks she has 1/100000 of the grace style charm and compassion that Diana had then she’s more of an idiot than I thought.

    I agree she wants to stay in the spotlight, but i wish she’d go out on that island and never come back. maybe we could put Palin out there too. And give em’ a few shot guns and let em loose ;)


  • Penny

    Hey, Heather, here’s a suggestion for you – stop lying and whinging about the father of your child, and make good on those promises you made to donate a huge chunk of your settlement money to charity. Maybe people wouldn’t hate you so much if you’d quit being so obnoxious.

  • Ellie Butler

    If only should would hide herself away and shut up. Unfortunately, she won`t. Anyway, she could only do this if Paul got full custody of the child (which he should, of course). Anyway, how will her charridees survive without her?