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Pop me some popping corn, give me a pint of soy ice cream and put me in front of a Quinten Tarantino movie! I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs or Kill Bill that just gets me going. And who could say no to a little Jackie Brown starring the unforgettable Pam Grier.

Pam, who’s currently filming The L Word in Canada, is not only a great actress, but also a great advocate for homeless people and animals. For many years Grier has spent her time off screen working with the People and Animals Living Synergistically or PAALS.

The 160-acre no-kill animal shelter is located in Colorado Springs and welcomes not only farm animals, but homeless citizens and families who have suffered with foreclosure. In return for food and housing, PAALS residents assist in the caring of the over 200 animals located at the shelter.

Grier said: “I was drawn to PAALS five years ago because [the shelter] takes in people, not just animals,” she said. “Whenever I come home and I’m not working, I’m out there. I’ll put up fences, I cut the grass, I’ll give clothes and organize fundraisers. I’ll even fly back for the meetings.”

However, as the economy worsens, PAALS needs more help. “We are in desperate need of an investor to help keep the shelter going,” Pam said. “This is a real working farm and it literally survives on donations.”

So come on Ecorazzi readers — LET’S HELP PAALS!!! If you or anyone you know would like to get involved with this great organization call founder Dianne Benedict at 303-688-9537 or go to!

  • Poor Cow

    actually, this week? It’s the cows that need your help.

    30% of UK milk now apparently comes from battery Cows fed GM soya on Factory Farms

    If you are a member of the UK vegetarian society we need your vote at the 2008 AGM

  • parrish

    THE UK VEG SOCIETY NEEDS YOUR HELP! I’m in the USA Poor Cow, but sending my support from abroad!

  • Poor Cow

    Thank you

    Wish us luck!