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The Royal Bank of Canada recently sponsored Blue, an event to honor the Waterkeeper Alliance. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the chairman of the Waterkeeper Alliance, was the guest of honor, and celebs such as Ralph Fiennes, Bill Maher, and Hugh Dillon were guests.

To keep with the organization’s water stewardship mission, there was absolutely no bottled water allowed at the event, and every dish featured either something local, something organic or something sustainable. Chef David Garcelon, known for his sustainable cooking, said, “We’ve been able to please celebrities with what we have on the menu. They’re focusing on eating healthy, eating organic.”

The RBC donated $200,000 to Lake Ontario Waterkeeper at the event.

  • Jenna

    No bottled water allowed at this event to honor RFK Jr.? That’s pretty funny, considering that Kennedy OWNS a bottled water company (Keeper Springs), which proceeds go to his charity, Waterkeeper Alliance!?