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Quick: What’s better than flying low over a terrified wild dog running scared in the Alaskan wild?

If you’re Governor Sarah Palin, the answer is: Shooting at it with a rifle!

The Republican nominee for V.P. — and quickly displacing Gozer The Gozarian as the most despised being in this dimension — successfully defeated an initiative on August 26th that would have banned hunting wolves from airplanes for sport.

Palin organized a campaign, funded with $400K in state money, to defeat Measure 2; using the tired old BS that the rest of the lower-48 don’t “understand rural Alaska.” Exiled Online said it best:

“Alaska isn’t really very hard to understand. It consists of a minority that loves the wilderness and an overwhelmingly Republican majority that wants to squeeze all the cash it can get out of the state before the oil dries up, the fish die out, and the wildlife disappears. Nowhere else does the Republican formula of manipulating the suckers by playing on their silly hatreds and even sillier vanities play out more clearly than in Alaska.”

Jeesh. How has it come to pass that I’d rather have four more years of Dick Cheney?

Read more on this issue over at Exiled Online.

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  • Bianca
  • Cid Martins

    I give 1000K for palin’s left hand, after you have killed her…slowly and painfully!

    Kidding… :)

    Am I? …

    Yes I am… I wouldn’t hurt a fly… :(

    Unfortunately, it’s a pity I can’t say the same thing about this ‘lady’…

    Okay, I think you have already noticed I do hate palin…

  • Misty Snatchwrath

    Gozer the Gozarian! That’s the best pop culture reference I’ve seen in a long time!

    Too bad there aren’t any Neo-con Busters to cross their streams on Sarah Palin… she deserves it.

  • michael

    Phew — someone actually picked up on my Ghostbusters reference… :)

  • Laura

    Someone should shoot Sarah Palin from an airplane.

  • erin

    I pray that people come to their senses. Also for those of you in the US who might not usually vote. PLEASE get out and do so this year. It matters this time maybe more than any. She IS worse than Dick (Cheney) and Bush… Please people, please vote. Get out there. It only takes a few minutes. Some of you might not have voted the last few elections and now wish you had (GW ruined our economy and more) but now you have a chance. Do it. for yourself, your friends, your children.

  • Ashley Moreno

    If this women gets into office, we are all screwed. PETA will be screwed, ALF will be screwed, all animal right’s groups WILL BE SCREWED. This women will put an end to all of us. She will not be compassionate to the animals, she does not deserve a place in the White House. She is a selfish bitch who needs to be shot from an airplane to see what it feels like. Sarah Palin as VP = failure in part of American citizens. If she is in office, I no longer have hope in this country. And if need be, I will move from the U.S.A because I am so ashamed. What kind of people would see this and vote for her? Hunters. Those who enjoy the selfish killing of animals. Those who enjoy sending our animal population into extinction. I hope America makes the right desicion. And his name is Obama!

  • VeggieTart

    Sarah Palin–if she shoots you in the face, it’s because she was aiming for it. Check out the Gina Gershon send-up on

  • Lorrie

    Some of you might enjoy this website:

  • stephanie williams

    Besides all this horrible anti-animal crap, she is also just as against women apparently.


  • TerreDee

    What about the stack of antlers behind Palin’s house from a thousand caribou?

    Of all the things I’ve read about Palin — and confirmed on, and others — this bothers me more than anything.

    McSame and Bonestacker will not win the election. They are killers, full of blood lust and completely uncaring about the environment.

  • jennifer ramos

    This makes me sick to my stomach…! Palin should have her head examined.

  • Silknspark

    In America (The land of the free because of the brave.) civilized and peaceful co-existing with such diversity are joyful, ongoing challenges.
    I could care less what one does with their body, as long as they pay their own way. As in – “you break it, you pay for it.”
    I could care less the pets (as in prairie rats, feral horses, wolves et al) and or children one “wants” as long as they pay their board, room, and medical expenses.
    Use your own, so as not to injure others.
    In other words, do what you will, but do not, and I repeat, do NOT demand I be the one who pays for your ticket to ride!

  • lisamarie grosso

    sarah palin is a demented BITCH who needs to be drawn and quartered! what she does to those wolves is enough for me. i don’t need to know anything more. what kind of people could see this barbarism and vote her!!??? AND SHE CLAIMS TO HAVE A GOD????? what a pathetic joke of a human being.

  • charley

    midwest rancher who has occasionally hired coyotes/wolves shooters to protect my herd…..what’s a few more…..what’s that phrase “hold your horses”! just because of a few that the libeal media has decided to target? yeah NRA!!!

    • Bob Layte

      Yeah Charlie boy, you sound like a real 6th grade masters degree genious republican.Tell me charlie, who gave you the right to indiscriminately kill wolves, or breath for that matter. If you were a REAL man you would walk right up to that wolf unarmed. while you’re pondering that genious maybe you can tell us all what a “libeal” is dufus.

  • Leo

    Go Sarah. When these people have wolves running through thier yards, they might think twice……..

    • Bob Layte

      Leo, you moved into THIER backyard you ignorant arse. They were there before you dummy. You have no special rights just because your ( ahem) human to kill them and take away thier forest loser.

  • TerreDee

    Leo, are you crazy? It’s YOU running through THEIR yards. Wolf and caribou did quite well since the beginning of time, until the yahoos and their ever more fancy technology came along and started killing nature.

  • Laurie

    “Wolves running through your yards…”! God you morons cease to amaze me. As for the Palin-haters (count me in) unfortunately, you can’t FORCE someone to be compassionate. It comes through slow evolution – and Palin – along with her retard supporters – don’t believe in that.

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  • Richard

    To all you people out there that want to protect animals. Please take a closer look at groups like Sierra club – they support hunting. WWF will tell you they are not an animal welfare gruop so as such don’t care or take any intrest in things like the Canadian seal massacre that takes place.Often groups will say they don’t take a stance on hunting- what do you guess that means, if they own land & can make money they will allow it. Defenders of wildlife will not answer my question of do the own land& do they allow hunting on it. They want to ban shooting wolves from aircraft, but then so do many bloodthirsty hunters who get their kicks from inflicting pain & suffering for some kind of sick pleasure

  • Bob Layte

    I think it might be neccessary to intercede in the evolution of the Alaskan neanderthal man. It has become very apparent that they and thier leader have not evolved with the rest of us and need to be shot and/or put in zoo’s.

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  • nano

    i want that basterds head on a gold plate! along with all you other sport/fur hunters out there. you all pathetic cowards!!!