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Matt Damon is frightenedGina Gershon has a damn good impersonation and Pamela Anderson wants her to suck it. Who could we be talking about?  None other than vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

In more “Sarah Palin Pisses The World Off” news, on Thursday Pink told “If I were writing a letter to Sarah Palin it would be a lot of whys and hows. Who are you? Do you know? Why do you hate animals? Please point out Iraq on a map …” As many know, Pink considers herself an animal rights activist and said that unlike Palin, “she couldn’t imagine shooting a wolf out of a helicopter.” But It isn’t just Palin’s hatred of animals that upsets Pink.

What scares the singer most is the women out there who consider Palin’s selection some of sort of victory for feminism. Pink says: “This woman hates women. She is not a feminist. She is not the woman that’s going to come behind Hillary Clinton and do anything that Hillary Clinton would’ve been capable of … I can’t imagine overturning Roe vs. Wade. She’s not of this time. The woman terrifies me.”

To join the ranks of celebrities who oppose Palin, rumor has it that Tina Fey will guest on Saturday Night Live this evening and do a much anticipated impersonation the Alaskan governor. Will Tina be shooting wolves from helicopters? Tune in tonight and find out!

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  • Jillian

    I’m a moderate and I’m voting for Obama. One of the reasons is Sarah Palin’s archaic views on abortion (opposes it even in the case of rape or incest).

    As a young woman I’m also very interested in both the environment and wildlife. Sarah Palin wants to drill for gas and oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Ms. Palin also supports aerial hunting of wolves and bears which is completely unjust and unnecessary according to biologists and wildlife experts. Additionally, Ms. Palin wants to take both the Polar Bear and the Beluga Whale off the endangered species list (so that they can be hunted) since they’re getting in the way of more oil drilling.

    Ms. Palin cares more about oil and money than wildlife, the environment and the future.

  • Brandi

    Damn skippy. I rather vote for Satan.

  • erin

    I’d rather vote for Satan too, though sometimes I could swear I see horns on his.. i mean her head.

    hey did anyone hear about MTV’s “green” show trashing the rainforests? C’mon ER! I know it’s the weekend, but this is newsworthy stuff!

  • michael

    Wow, thanks Erin — we’re on it! :)

  • Christina
  • Cid Martins

    Way to go Pink! You rock ;)

    I adore her song ‘Dear mr. president’ (I think that’s how it’s called)…

    palin is a disgrace to real Women!

    palin is a frustrated, little, religious fanatic, hating ‘woman’…

    Well… I guess the women who are voting for her are that too! They are still living in the middle ages…

    She is not intelligent, not prepared for VP let alone presidency (if/when maccain dies), and she represents all bad things in a woman!

    We as a species face our biggest challenge: we either change the world for the better right now or life as we know it will no longer be!

    Am I really being dramatic? No, actually I am being realistic… Planet Earth is a living being…’She’ can’t take this much longer… You Americans either give all of us hope and an incentive to change our world, by voting for Obama, or you kill our dreams by voting for the evil soul mates ‘maccalin’.

    Honestly I believe the fate of our world, in the short term, is in your hands… Be wise for once in 8 years…

    thank you

  • jennifer ramos

    Palin is NOT women moving forward necessarily…..her beliefs ALONE defeat that. I started being a Hillary supporter and am now a proud OBAMA supporter.

  • VeggieTart

    I’ve said it many times before: I will vote for a pro-choice, pro-feminist man over an anti-choice, anti-feminist woman every single time.

  • Frank

    Give me a break.. What does the opinions of these celebrities mean to us? They obviously don’t care about the economy…they are loaded with $$$ and I bet most of them are meat-eaters and hence they complain that Palin hunts animals for consumption? How about all the innocent lives that are taken every day? Aren’t our future generations more important?

  • Jonathan White

    I am with Frank these hollywood liberals need to to keep there noses out of politics. They have million dollars homes and drive expensives cars. Pink has some crapy songs anyways. She and the rest of the hollywood liberals need to move out of the usa and go to North Korea. Obama/Bidon ticket should terrify people not McCain/Palin. God put animals on earth so man could make sure the world isn’t over populated. What would happen if we never hunted any kind of animals then we would be over populated with animals? What about obama/Bidon wanting to have the bigger government so they can interfere more in the lives of America? What about when an another attack happens Obama wanting to sit down with those who are involed and work it out? There are people who won’t give up untill the usa is under there control. Sitting down is not and and I repeat not the answer. George Bush, even though I don’t agree with him 100%, didn’t mess up the economy 9/11 did but the liberals and Obama and left wing media would like you to believe that. The reason gas shot up the past week is because of Hurricane Ike. If People would dig deep enough they would find out that the huurricane destroyed some of the oil rigs. The oil rigs which supply a 1/4 of our supply. The best ticket for America is McCain/Palin 08.

  • michael

    Really? She looks like a barrier, usually of earth or stone, for holding back water in order to prevent floods? Odd.

  • Mouse

    I’m tired of people telling celebrities to keep their thoughts to themselves. First, the very premise of this blog is to highlight celebrities that influence important social issues – if you don’t like it why do you spend your time here? Second, celebrities are also just people, and the ability to express oneself is a hallmark of freedom – if you can’t handle that, perhaps YOU should move to a backward country that more matches your OWN attitude.

  • Cid Martins

    WTF? Is it just me or is this site getting overpopulated with religious fanatics?

    Remind me of something… Doesn’t ‘your’ god tell you to respect all living creatures, whether they are heterosexual, homosexual, black, white, humans or animals?

    And then you use your god’s name to justify your own disturbed ‘values’… and pretend you are good people by saying you are pro-life!!!

    “God put animals on earth so man could make sure the world isn’t over populated.” This must be one of the most imbecile comments I have read in a long time! Have you ever heard of evolution? Oh I forgot you are probably creationists…and science is evil… By the way, the computers you are using to post this idiotic comments are a result of science… you know, the same one which proved humans have been on this planet for a very, very, very long time!

    For what I can figure out ‘Frank’,’Jonathan White’ and ‘big mouth’ would love to see the KKK and Hitler back in power, wouldn’t you? Then your little world would be rid of animals, ‘blacks’, ‘jews’, ‘homos’ and all of those who don’t ‘think’ or look like you!

    I hope your wish doesn’t come true, because that’s what will happen if maccain/palin win!!

    You are inferior beings, spiritually speaking! You have so much to evolve… You have know idea… I pity you!!

  • michael

    As complaints have been logged, please keep these discussions clean. There’s no need to throw insults back and forth. Make your point, defend it, but remember to be courteous.

  • S Wilson

    Hillery scares the Hell out of me..

  • Ready to PUKE

    Let’s round up all those in favor of Hunting Wolves from Helicopters and make them run around avoiding PAINTBALL Hunters in Helicopters.

    Maybe then they will realize how inhumane and despicable this “hunting” fish in a barrel really is.

  • Hoo Kairs

    Who cares what all these celebrities think anyway ? They have the luxury of the cameras, and thus being interviewed or in reports. That’s why they are so used. Political predators just love courting them (just like dealers do). The industry has turned to trash anyway.
    I have to keep cutting off my kids cartoons because of the things I hear (not to mention… you can bet some character is going to wave his b __ __ around at some time during a animated movie or cartoon.

    I think Palin is refreshing and has a down to earth style. Versus Hillary schrill, loud, pushy, and OVER confident style. Palin is from a very large and sparsly populated state. Hunting is a normal way of life. Many of our mouthy and glitsy, celebrities wouldn’t be here today if someone in their lineage didn’t hunt for something.

    And since they are so-o into vegetables, I wonder if they have a clue that a vegetable was once living until THEY KILLED IT ! I guess it’s hard to tell ’cause no eyelashes, huh ? And what the worry about killing animals, you believe in abortion, right?

    So…go McCain and Palin ! I get so tired of the rants, and the marches, and the bull.

  • ConservativeWoman

    I find it curious that these liberal women think that their’s is the only point of view for women. Why is it that conservative women are considered traitors to their gender and demonized? There are a lot more of us out here than they would like to believe!


    Blah blah blah! its just politics, what more than a crappy profession. who knows what may happen in future. just STOP the drama please because i think im getting a headache!

  • RocktheVote.08

    First of all, I think that we need to be voting on who is the most qualified. I was on the fence for a while but given that I have two neighbors going through foreclosure in an upper middle class neighborhood I am ready for a change. VERY FEW can say that they were better off than they were 8 years ago. Bush was a wasteful President and to know that McCain and Palin back this kind of waste does nothing but evoke fear in my heart. Before you know it we will be annexed by China. Get it together people…read your facts! I admit there is no one “perfect” for the job but I can’t imagine McCain will do nothing more than perpetuate the make the richest richer rhetoric.
    It’s time for the middle class to stand up and say we will no longer stand for this. With a weak economy we will be even more vulnerable to the terror you war zealots scream about.

  • ds

    We’re supposed to be impressed by the incoherent thoughts of a girl who goes by the name of a Crayola Crayon? The only thing “Pink” is worried about is that someone might suggest she is more worried about the lives of baby wolves than those of human beings. Let me guess as to “Pink’s” position on abortion. Don’t kill the wolves, but don’t get between her and the toilet when she wants to flush an innocent human down the drain. A harp seal is “a defenseless animal” while an unplanned pregnancy is an inconvenience. Isn’t it telling that when a couple is pregnant with a child they desire it is a “baby” and if it is unplanned, it becomes a “fetus”? And if the singer who is a color tells us to be afraid, Jillian and the others follow in lock-step. Pathetic. I was hoping this new generation would at least make an attempt to make real change, but instead, they run to rock stars for their philosophy and advice, just like their parents. “Tune in, turn on and drop out” dude, nothing is new.

    • Robyn

      DS…You are an idiot. A person/s name or nickname has NOTHING to do with their intelligance and the kind of person they are.Think yourself lucky because if it did your name would most certainly be ‘dumb ass’. Of course Pink cares about human rights aswell as animal rights. Obviously you have been living under a rock for the past 5 years,because over the past 5 years Pink has fought for the rights of people and donated to many human rights organisations and charities. One for example is the enormous donation she made to the Victorian Fires Appeal in Australia 2 years ago. Please get you facts straight before you go leaving comments that are untrue and unfair.


  • emmanuel

    shut up obamo won already

  • Erika

    yeah, unfortunetly. WEe all know nothings gonna change.

  • ds

    Nice comeback, Emmanuel. I am hoping your speech is a bit better than your spelling and grammar, but I am not holding out any hope. Oh, that’s right, Obama isn’t in the Spell-Check yet, so you have an excuse to misspell your man’s name. So, you go right ahead and “don’t worry, be happy”, Em. By the way, with all this “one world” stuff coming at us, with our justice department looking outside of the constitution and instead to the world for it’s legal format, where will you and Pink be when they choose to follow the legal framework of, say, Brazil, in regards to abortion? What are you going to do then? You know, Brazil, that massive country down south on the globe, whose population is desperate to move here, and whose population is 90% Catholic, whose president blames “blue-eyed white people” for the current financial mess and where abortion is illegal? Let me guess: the rest of the world’s legal approach is fine with that exception and maybe a few others. Well, you wanted it, you got it. Just don’t complain to me when you finally grow up and have to get a job and pay taxes (Yes! That’s right! It might be YOU having to pay some of those taxes coming our way!). Like they say, a conservative is nothing more than a liberal that has been mugged.

  • Lauren

    Totally agree with the comment above me. Those on the far left are the most narrow-minded people on this planet. & Pink…? Trying to talk about women? Has she looked in the mirror? Or listened to her own man-voice? Obviously not. It’s a sad day in America when we decide to actually pay mind to Hollywood “celebrities” running their mouths about their uneducated political opinions.

  • carmen

    the truth that if Sarah Palin is an unhappy woman who seriously bad ah? I agree with you pink! pink pink rock equals beauty equals —-> # 1 pink you love pink I love you. Always in my heart

  • Steve68

    WOW. I’d never seen a close-up shot of Pink before. I’m sitting here wishing I hadn’t.

    I really can’t tell if Pink was originally a man, but nonetheless, her opinion is no more important than anyone elses. Of course, she is entitled to her opinion. HOWEVER, who is the more respectable woman? Pink, for being an “entertainer” (if you somehow consider her music entertainment), who claims to boost feminism by using her sexuality (I think she’s a female?)? Or a Sarah Palin, whose career is to serve Alaskans, make their lives better, and possibly Americans altogether? Pink’s intelligence level would probably fill a shot glass, where Sarah’s would be more like a gallon container.

    Besides, Pink is hideous and manly, but Sarah is HOT!!!! By the time Pink reaches Sarah’s age, she’ll be a worn-out tramp bumming cigarettes from her neighbor at the trailer park. I do agree with her stance on animals though, I’ll give her that. Sarah has the wrong idea there on animals.

    Not a difficult choice to make. I vote Palin.

    • Robyn

      YOU IDIOT WHATS MORE IMPORTANT? HOW SOMEONE LOOKS OR THE DIFFERENCE THEY MAKE IN THE WORLD? Its ppl like you that give the human race a bad name. Obviously you are a shallow pathetic human being who judges from the outside because you arent intellegent enough to see the person beyond. You should be ashamed of yourself and your comments.I bet you are racist and homophobic too………………..