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Just ask Skinny Bitch author Rory Freeman — being vegan can help anybody lose a few extra pounds! Earlier this year Howard Stern’s sidekick Robin Quivers turned to a vegan diet to help shed 70 pounds. Robin gave New York Magazine a peak a what a week in her diet looked like. Here’s a sampling:

Saturday, April 5
I juice every morning and use nutritional supplements. I get green juices from Liquiteria, an organic juice bar on 11th and Second.

I juice most of the day. For lunch I’ll have another juice — usually of kale and romaine and apple and lemon, along with a green salad. I’ll add green peppers and cucumbers and mushrooms, sometimes tomatoes with a lot of baby greens. I don’t eat a lot of fruit, and I’m not a big fan of green beans, but I like green leafy vegetables like broccoli or asparagus.

Dinner will be grilled vegetables. Sometimes, I may be out to dinner and have a little pasta with vegetables or a risotto. I’ve gotten chefs to make me a risotto with olive oil instead of butter and cheese and then putting in some vegetables. I go to Per Se at least two, three, four times a year — I go out to Napa a lot, so I know them from the French laundry. They have a vegan tasting menu. You have to ask about it. Cru does an incredible job with a vegan tasting menu.

Sunday, April 6
I had the vegetable juice. Howard and I shared diet information years ago. We used to have the same diet for a long while, but I became a vegan in the summer. I have a Magic Bullet [blender] in my office, and I put in these nutritional powders containing wheat grass and alfalfa in my juices. [Other cast members] look at it and say, “I can’t imagine surviving on that or even wanting to.”

For lunch, pretty much the same — I had a fruit smoothie with berries and coconut water.
And I had grilled vegetables. I have a lot of people now coming up to me because I’ve changed drastically, saying, “What’s your secret?” When I tell them, they say, “Ugh, never mind.”

To see the rest of Robin’s week, skip on over to


  • VeggieTart

    This is more of a juice fast than a vegan diet. I think it’s great she’s not eating animals, but some vegans actually eat.

  • theresa Southern

    i hate to see veganism looked at purely as a way to quickly lose weight vs. a choice of ethics or long-term health. sigh. oh well.

  • erin

    I agree with both of the statements above but what no one commented on was that when most people ask her and she tells them and they say ugh never mind… that’s a real shame. It’s like people aren’t willing to do the work. They don’t want to get their fat asses off the couch and give up the junk food. Such a shame. I don’t feel sorry for these people anymore. Honestly. When people (and even family members) complain to me about all their ailments (and yes some even serious sicknesses) it’s like so much of that could be avoided but they refuse to change their SAD diet (Standard american diet)

    Ah well. Good for Robin Quivers. She rocks.

  • Key

    I don’t think people turn away from the idea because it’s too much work. I think they turn away from the idea because what she’s doing doesn’t sound so much like a ‘diet’ or a ‘lifestyle choice’ but sounds rather like starving yourself and only subsisting on liquids.

    It’s one thing to give up meat, it’s another entirely to apparently give up all solid food.

  • Gus

    I have to say, the Magic Bullet blender is the greatest thing since sliced bread…..or pureed carrots :) It’s great for health nuts and smoothie lovers alike. I make protein shakes for myself, all natural fruit smoothies for my wife, dessert smoothies for my son.

  • Scott Z

    Hey, I think it’s great that Robin went Vegan and lost 70 pounds. I’m going to go out on a limb here, and recommend a new green drink product that actually tastes amazing. I’ve been using it myself for the last year and wouldn’t go a day without it. I make a smoothie out of the stuff, have a slice of PB toast, and I’m pretty much good to go til dinner. Checkout, even use my personal promo code FF, and take $5 off your order.

    Really not trying to spam or anything here, just thought people don’t have to just ‘survive’ as Robin said.