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Actress Jenny McCarthy has appeared on the new social networking site for good, CauseCast, to champion her involvement in the organization Generation Rescue and talk about her son’s battle with autism.

Earlier this summer, Jenny McCarthy and partner Jim Carrey traveled to D.C. for a rally called Green Our Vaccines. Check out the video — and for more info on Generation Rescue, visit their official site here.

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  • Chas

    can you please remove this from your site. it’s been proven time & time again that the vacination scare is unfounded.
    thier claims about “epidemics” of autism & ADD/ADHD are completely false. what is true is that due to our advances in the understanding of these disorders, they are being diagnosed mcuh ealier.
    please don’t take my word for it. do your homework & decide for yourself. just because some celebrity is pushing something doesn’t make it so.

  • erin

    Dearest Chas,

    There are many medical studies that have shown a link. So no, it has not been “proven time and time again” that the scare is unfounded.

    And what about the Autistic girl in the state of Georgia!? THE US government has recently agreed to pay the girl’s family for injury caused by vaccines!!!!

    There are other cases where this is now finally happening too.

    I’m sure you’re not big pharma (well ok I’m not sure) but I’ve DONE my homework and I am not convinced.

    As for the therapies listed on the first site Jenny McCarthy mentions. I don’t think giving a child Valtrex is the solution (hello Valtrex?!)

    But sadly because they gave the child bad drugs which harmed the child I suppose sometimes they must give the child more drugs to fix the problem of the first drugs.

    When *I* have a child I am not going to give it any drugs at all. Wow what a concept! S/he will not have vaccines and like the dozens of children I know who didn’t have them s/he will be healthier and much better off!

    Rant finished,


  • Ryan Scott

    Yes there is controversy, but if you espouse an opinion on it, you should educate yourself a little more on it. That involves reading both sides of the story including the research on

    There is a lot of information and research being done by concerned parents and scientists. There’s several schools of thought on the issue, but there’s also a huge liability big pharma faces if it is ever proven that vaccines cause autism. Therefore there’s a ton of money behind pushing the idea that vaccines are not part of the problem. Just like Global Warming. This is not conspiracy theory, its basic economics.

    The fact remains that Jenny’s child had autism, in fact went into cardiac arrest several times, and now thanks to a a regimen of treatments and dietary changes, as you can see by the video, he is fine. She is not the only one. These are passionate parents trying to help their children. Those who give up and follow the party line that there is no cure, and vaccines have no effect see no results. That’s their choice. But to beat down someone because they are trying to spread the idea that they, like many others, have been able to cure their children of autism is bizarre.

  • Chas

    it’s so unfortunate that the claims of links between autism & vaccines (themeresal & mercury) are taking so much attention away from legimate studies & legimate advances in the fight against autism. What’s even more scary is thought of parents not vaccinating their kids and exposing them to dangerous illness’s.
    if you want to look at the numbers. the claim is that mercury & themesal are causing autism. because of the controversy the drug companies have drastically reduced & in most cases removed these from vaccines. so you would naturally think that there would be a corrisponding drop in the number of autism case’s right? wrong. there has been absolutely no change in the numbers of new cases of autism whatsoever. if this doesn’t proove that there is no link then I don’t know what will.

  • Ted Fogarty, MD

    Reading Simpsonwood makes one wonder if the Hep B day one of life shot might not be the most important in the association between vaccines and autism discussed in this conference. Its mentioned on page 12 as a confounder. Aluminum remains an increasing confounder and the thimerosal isn’t completely out of all vaccines (which is the half truth that poor journalism and dogmatic unknowing MDs keep purporting).

    The debate isn’t over, many MDs are starting to wake up and question the conflicted in the AAP and CDC.

    The real science of protocol comparisons has never been done. The real science of unvaccinated versus vaccinated subjects’ rates of autism has never been done. The real diagnositic medicine of neuroimaging after vaccination related speech loss is never ordered by the conflicted pediatrician. The real understanding of boosters as a profit margin for vaccine companies is never questioned.

  • erin

    Dr. Fogarty,

    I’ve read your comments and views elsewhere on this subject. Thanks so much for your post!

    Hey Chas, cat got your tongue? ;)

    Thanks again Dr… I’m going to continue my research on the subject as well. I know more MD’s who are finally waking up.. IT’s about time!



  • jessicasimpsonfan

    Jenny McCarthy should be talking about how her son never had autism. He had severe febrile seizures, subsequent developmental delays, he was then treated with anti convulsants. He slowly recovered. It just so happens, while his seizures were being treated, she started feeding him gluten free products and then, all within a very short time, she wrote a few books, hit a plethora of talk shows, did press tours and now we don’t hear much about little Evan, as he’s miraculously “cured” of autism. This is why we need QUALITY CONTROLs within autism community people! It’s cases like this that hurt others who are really dealing with autism. Here’s another mindbender. Recall Amanda Baggs? She has a psychogenic case of autism. AKA factitious disorder, AKA fugue state, etc…Donna Williams, fake autism. Ari Ne’eman, not autistic. What do we need here? An internal affairs division for autism? Can we not police our own community please? Must we just cow tow to the fakes and frauds out there? And triple shame to the gullible media for constantly misrepresenting autism due to their failure to learn what it is or question the fakes. Even President Obama blew it here by appointing ari ne’eman.

  • Anonymous Gamer

    Jenny McCarthy’s son was never Autistic, he has Landau-Kleffner Syndrome. And Generation non-Rescue want to kill us as the only ‘cure’ available.

  • New York Times Fan

    Oh no say it isn’t so! New York Times and Wired Magazine are the latest media to be taken in by misdiagnosed autism cases. It’s well known Mccarthys kid never was autistic but it’s still just stupid and irresponsible for people working for New York Times, a magazine I used to love, to be taken in by people like the drug induced autistic named Amanda Baggs. Amanda Baggs took tons of LSD and other drugs that ended up scrambling her brain. It’s HIGH time journalists look into the very SUSPECT background of Ms. Amanda Baggs. She is definately not autistic. She’s a drug induced autistic behavior presentation that is just beyond crazy. How embarrassing for some media to be so naive and gullible to be fooled by her. Aren’t these journalists and editors looking into her drug background. Has a qualified psychiatrist evaluated Amanda Baggs? Apparently NOT.