flowersDidn’t Hollywood hottie Matthew McConaughey just finish the Nike + Human Race? He was ripped as ever in preparation for yesterday’s 2008 Nautica Malibu Triathalon, which benefited the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

flowersBrittany Spears is auctioning off her naked self–her naked self-portrait, that is. The painting, which the singer has also autographed, is being sold on eBay to raise funds for L.A.’s the Promises Foundation, which provides women and children with low-income with behavioral health services. Wait. Behavioral health services? Now there’s the ironic moment of the day. To bid, click here.

flowersThough the lawsuit hasn’t been settled (or dismissed) yet, Kate Hudson is still promoting her new hair-care line, David Babaii for WildAid. Not only is the actress actually using herself to test the products (Go Kate!), she’s also filming ads out in the bush with WildAid workers. “There was a black rhino right in front of our hut. It is one of the top on the endangered species list. It was so sad. It was all alone,” she said.

flowersWhile the Atkins meat frenzy hasn’t completely left the planet yet, there are plenty of celebs who use veggie means when they’re dieting. Joan Lunden digs fresh fruit, Kelly Preston chows on oatmeal and bagels, Claudia Schiffer munches on salad and steamed vegetables, and Heidi Klum uses a salad with vinegar as an appetizer going out to restrain her appetite.

flowersMolly Sims and Jennifer Jason Leigh are fans of Vert, L.A.’s first eco beauty boutique. Vert’s products are all chemical-free, mostly organic, and the store even holds makeup seminars and workshops to help customers lead more eco-friendly lifestyles.


    bad guy go away!!! he still promotes killing of animals… Maybe I should remind people to watch earthlings again or see it for the first time. No praise for anyone who can go out and support that.